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Musée Regards de Provence

by Guillaume Martial

‘‘ Regard(s) de Provence (Look(s) of Provence). I searched for hours and turned around 1000 times before finding it there, bolt upright. ”

The Artist

After a 10-year career in high-level figure skating, Guillaume Martial went on to study audiovisual communication in Paris. His short films have won prizes at several festivals. His photographic work focuses on the ambiguous position of man in the environment, conjugating appropriation and maladjustment. His work incorporates a social, human and contemporary dimension. His book, "The little mechanic" (Le petit garagiste) was published in 2010 by Éditions Singulières. He was awarded first prize for the "SFR Young Talents" project and exhibited at the Paris Town Hall in 2012.


Musée Regards de Provence


The "Regards de Provence" museum set up home in 2013 inside the ancient maritime sewage treatment plant. Entirely rehabilitated, the venue now offers 2,300 sq. metres of exhibition areas, comprising 4 exhibition rooms, a restaurant with terrace and a library. 


The collection features paintings, sculptures, drawings and classic and modern photos by artists inspired by the cosmopolitan nature of Marseille, Provence and the Mediterranean.

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Practical Information

Musée Regards de Provence
Avenue Vaudoyer
13002 Marseille

Opening days and hours

Daily from 10am to 18pm.
Friday night until 21h.

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