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Septembre en mer

by Alexandre Ciancio

‘‘ The mermaid's song
On an unchained sea of elated caravels and alcohol vapours. Sparkling hair, a barely-hidden smile, this mirage, this mermaid, has bewitched me until I forget. Made-up lips and enticing murmurs, these mirages, these mermaids, will bewitch me until I love. ”

The Artist

Born in 1988, Alexandre is a graduate of the National School of Architecture in Nantes. His mentors include Benjamin Avignon, Louis Paillard, Philippe Barré and Pascal Fourrier. In 2010, he took part in the Eiffel photo contest and presented his thesis ''The dream machine, or the return of fiction to the postmodernists'' to Valéry Didelon (Criticat magazine, Paris). He won the Fine Arts Academy's Grand Prize for Architecture in 2011.


Septembre en mer


"Septembre en Mer" is an exciting maritime festival fronting a packed programme around fishing trades, maritime traditions and seafood tasting… Now one of the year's must-do festivals, the 2013 edition wound up with a maritime parade – an exceptional gathering of several thousand boats.

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Till october the 6th

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