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Notre Dame des Marins

by Stéphanie Lacombe

‘‘ No need to travel far, here you have a sea view from the kitchen window! ”

The Artist

Stéphanie Lacombe was born in Figeac, France in 1976. A graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts, she lives and works in Paris. She is a member of the Picturetank.com agency and was awarded the Niepce prize in 2009 for her work "La Table de l'ordinaire" (Portraits of ordinary life). Her personal work revolves around family intimacy.


Notre Dame des Marins


Built in the Seventies, the "Notre-Dame des Marins" quarter is now a "20th Century Heritage" site and was one of the most creative quarters during the Marseille-Provence 2013 celebrations. Its design – a legacy of Le Corbusier – is avant-garde, and no two apartments are alike. After your tour, you can head up to the 17th-century "Notre Dame de Miséricorde" chapel (also called "Notre Dame des Marins"), offering magnificent views over Martigues and Etang de Berre lake.

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Practical Information

Notre Dame des Marins
13500 Martigues

Opening days and hours

" Quartiers créatifs "  February 1st to September 30th
" Fabrice Lauterjung: Et quand il eut passé le pont/chapitre III " May 18th to October 13th

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