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by Alexandre Ciancio

‘‘ La Morochita. A sunny shack with creased curtains in the abandoned pine wood. A lazy siesta and starry dreams; La Morochita bedecked in silk will lie here all summer. Made-up lips and smoke rings… La Morochita bathed in joy will dance here all summer. ”

The Artist

Born in 1988, Alexandre is a graduate of the National School of Architecture in Nantes. His mentors include Benjamin Avignon, Louis Paillard, Philippe Barré and Pascal Fourrier. In 2010, he took part in the Eiffel photo contest and presented his thesis ''The dream machine, or the return of fiction to the postmodernists'' to Valéry Didelon (Criticat magazine, Paris). He won the Fine Arts Academy's Grand Prize for Architecture in 2011.



"La Morochita", which inspired Alexandre Ciancio, is a ancient bastide in Aubagne, scheduled to open to the public in 2014. But there are lots of reasons to visit Aubagne meanwhile: the childhood haunts of Marcel Pagnol, traditional pottery, the Garlaban hills, Huveaune river, pretty farmland and the Foreign Legion to name but some…

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Practical Information

Cours Maréchal Foch
13400 Aubagne

Opening days and hours

From November 15th to January 5th

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