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La côte bleue

by Stéphanie Lacombe

‘‘ I was lucky enough to be travelling the Côte Bleue coast during a storm. These wild landscapes offered an unforgettable show. I fell under the spell of this road with its exceptional views, running over the fjords from Martigues to Marseille. ”

The Artist

Stéphanie Lacombe was born in Figeac, France in 1976. A graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts, she lives and works in Paris. She is a member of the Picturetank.com agency and was awarded the Niepce prize in 2009 for her work "La Table de l'ordinaire" (Portraits of ordinary life). Her personal work revolves around family intimacy.


Musée Ziem


The magnificent scenery of the Côte Bleue coast has seduced such exceptional artists as Raoul Dufy, who painted it many times. His works, retracing his wanderings from Martigues to Marseille, were exhibited at the "Musée Ziem" museum in 2013. Founded in 1908, the museum houses works by Félix Ziem, together with works by the Marseille school painted between 1850 and 1925 and archaeological collections. 

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Practical Information

Musée Ziem
Boulevard Du 14 juillet
13500 Martigues

Opening days and hours

June 13th to October 13th, every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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