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by Benoit Paillé

‘‘ A weird encounter of the 4th kind with a family picking
asparagus in a huge field, against the backdrop of a refinery. The GR2013
long-distance footpath offers up surprises at every turn. A post-apocalyptic


The Artist

Aged 26, this young Canadian photographer studied medical biology for 3 years before turning to the arts. He is now a renowned, self-taught photographer, whose work has been published several times around the world. He has taken part in many exhibitions in Canada, Japan, the US, Barcelona, Moscow and Paris. His projects are all people-oriented and based on portraits and night-time themes.




Hovering between town and country, a genuine metropolis stretches around Etang de Berre lake and the Massif de l’Étoile. This little-known site overflows with stories, secrets and surprises. To discover them, you need to explore the town on foot, building a physical and poetic representation of this territory as you walk


So is walking an art form? Of course it is! Every living quarter, industrial quarter and shopping area takes on a new, aesthetic interest. Armed with your road book, the GR®2013 long-distance footpath can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group.

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