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by Patrick Messina

‘‘ I often work on putting man into perspective with regards to nature. He is both infinitely small and omnipresent. My photo of the footpath reflects this dimension and a certain "globalization" of landscapes, as reflected in the picture I took in Arizona: same wide open spaces, same road, same red car … ”

The Artist

Patrick Messina was born in Paris in 1967. After leaving the Ecole Louis Lumière, he took his first photographs for Libération, Télérama and Les Inrockuptibles. His recent personal work, in the field of the urban landscape, as in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, or in rural areas like Iceland, the hills of Languedoc, of the Gulf of Morbihan shows Patrick Messina as an artist who excels in witnessing to an intimate experience of spaces and giving a reading of them which helps us get to know them afresh.



The GR®2013 is a 365-km metropolitan footpath that throws a new light on the Marseille-Provence area. Offering a novel walking experience, this cultural, artistic and touristic route crosses the powerful Étoile and Garlaban hills and the vast inland sea of Berre; unbuilt areas bordered by towns, roads and railway lines. In its middle lies the wild and metropolitan Arbois Plateau.


Spanning the countryside around Aix, Aubagne and Salon, various towns, housing estates, the plains and hills bordering Marseille, the Gulf of Fos, mining valley of Gardanne, and hill chains of Nerthe and La Fare, the footpath unveils the many landscapes and rich history that go to make up metropolitan Provence.

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