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Cité des Arts et de la Rue

by Guillaume Martial

‘‘ The lightning rod saves me just before a huge rainstorm; I’m soaked from head to foot. ”

The Artist

After a 10-year career in high-level figure skating, Guillaume Martial went on to study audiovisual communication in Paris. His short films have won prizes at several festivals. His photographic work focuses on the ambiguous position of man in the environment, conjugating appropriation and maladjustment. His work incorporates a social, human and contemporary dimension. His book, "The little mechanic" (Le petit garagiste) was published in 2010 by Éditions Singulières. He was awarded first prize for the "SFR Young Talents" project and exhibited at the Paris Town Hall in 2012.


Cité des Arts et de la Rue


Situated at the gateway to the northern quarters of Marseille and the city's former industrial suburbs, the "Cité des Arts de la Rue" is a vast, 36,000 sq. metre scientific laboratory m2, comprising 11,000 sq. meters of buildings, 12,500 sq. metres of streets, squares, and quaysides, and 12,500 sq. metres of scrubland, gardens and rivers, all dedicated to experimenting and developing street arts. Inaugurated in 2013, this huge project is steered by 7 different organisations and troupes.

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Association pour la Cité des Arts de la Rue
225 avenue des Aygalades
13015 Marseille

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