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Felice Varini à Salon-de-Provence

by Julien Pacaud

‘‘ What was below found itself in the sky. ”

The Artist

Julien Pacaud is a french artist and illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, he was, by turns : an astrophysical, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher. He hopes he can someday have enough free time to devote himself to his real passion : time travel.


Château de l'Emperi

Salon de Provence

Felice Varini painted a monumental work in 2013, using the terrace of Château de l’Empéri as a viewpoint from which spectators discovered a simple red circle painted on the walls, offering the illusion of a flat surface. The red walls have now gone, but Provence's oldest stronghold still offers visitors fantastic vistas, together with an exceptional setting for the "Musique à l'Emperi" festival held every summer and featuring around 30 international-level soloists. 

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Practical Information

Château de l'Empéri
Montée Du Puech
13300 Salon de Provence

Opening days and hours

Until December 1st

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