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Sentiers de l'eau - Musée de la Camargue

by Julien Pacaud

‘‘ We floated, motionless, on lands that sometimes took the color of the sea ”

The Artist

Julien Pacaud is a french artist and illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, he was, by turns : an astrophysical, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher. He hopes he can someday have enough free time to devote himself to his real passion : time travel.


Sentiers de l'eau - Musée de la camargue


Refurbished in 2013, the "Musée de la Camargue" museum offers a playful and interactive insight into the relationship between man and nature, topped with a 3.5- km discovery footpath. This is also home to the first work on the "Camargue Waterways" itinerary by artist Tadashi Kawamata entitled "Horizons": a wooden observatory offering expansive views over the landscape. 


Two other works are well worth a look too: "Escale Sur les Bords du Grand Rhône" and "Décise", a mobile work currently on show in Salin-de-Giraud.

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