The 'Cercle des nageurs de Marseille'

The "Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille" is a non-profit association committed to "providing sports coaching to its members, and especially its young members". The association has successively been chaired by Eugène Tisson (1921-1924), Jean Alezard (1924-1966), Albert Vahouni (1966-1990) and Paul Leccia (since 1990).

The "Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille" was designed in 1921 by Spanish-born architect Picornell, who also designed the Barcelona and Casablanca Swimmers Circles. It is amusing to note that the logos of these three major clubs all bear a triangle and seagull.

It has always remained firmly committed to the values of olympism and sport, while continuing to uphold the brotherly spirit which has made it, over and above a simple club, the genuine family it is today.

The "Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille" is first and foremost a sports club. Its water polo team has won the French championship no less than 36 times (and been awarded on a European level for enrolling the largest number of participants in the European Cup in 40 years). Top French swimmers such as Alex Jany, Joseph Bernardo, Robert Christophe, Jean-Jacques Moine and, just recently, Gilot, Bousquet and Lacourt, have all flown the Circle's flag over the years.