Chantier naval Borg (shipwards)

Guillaume, Michel and Denis Borg: three generations of ship lovers. From Sousse in Tunisia to the St Victor careening basin and Anse du Pharo creek, this pioneering company stands witness to over 50 years of expertise in ship carpentry.

Founded in 1956 in the blue setting of Marseille's Vieux-Port (Old Port), the Borg shipyard specializes in building traditional wooden boats with sawn or bent frames, based on Marseille's typical little boat known as the "pointu".

The "barquette" (little boat) is an intrinsic part of the history of Marseille, and was traditionally a family legacy handed down from father to son. It was often named after the youngest family member, the mother, a dear departed one or a beloved wife - Fanny, Antoine, Manon, Guy and Marie-Rose are commonly-found names.

A symbol of maritime life in Marseille and the incarnation of the time-honoured know-how of our boat builders, the "barquette" and its cousins, the "Pointu", "Gozzo" and "Tartane" are robust and comfortable sea-faring boats. From romantic boat trips to family outings, a day out on a typical "barquette" promises to be an exceptional moment.