Formed in 1998, "Kulte" is the fruit of a group of impassioned fashion designers, graphic arts specialists and musicians. This Made in Marseille brand now produces creative clothes largely inspired by the Fifties and Sixties. Orchestrated by Matthieu Gamet, the company is run like a family where everyone takes an active part. Kulte's retro-chic collections are sometimes offbeat but always hype.

The brand is also learning to sharpen up its marketing talents and each new collection also offers its many fans the chance to immerse themselves in a high-level musical and artistic universe. The company now publishes its own magazine (the "Kultorama"), produces Kulte CD music compilations and makes video clips to accompany each collection, turning them into a genuine performance much appreciated by fans on the social networks. Kulte also takes part in a plethora of projects of all types, aided and abetted by Web 2.0 tools.