Friche la Belle de Mai

Located in Marseille, the "Friche de Belle Mai" is a unique site in Europe and a hub of artistic and cultural creation, welcoming many residential artists. Spanning 45,000 sq. metres, the site includes artists' studios, plus media and audiovisual facilities, and brings together no less than 70 entities and 500 creative talents. The Friche schedules 500 events and welcomes 150,000 visitors every year.

La Friche la Belle de Mai continues its ascent for the European Capital of Culture celebrations. Isle 3, dedicated to visual arts and performances, has been selected as the site for a vast urban rehabilitation project. During the first phase in 2013, the "Tour Jobin" – a new contemporary art space – will be opening to the public. The new "Panorama" cubist space placed on top of the building will be dedicated to multidisciplinary contemporary creation.

The "Cuisines en Friche" festival in September 2013 will be one of the many highlights of the European Capital of Culture events. Bringing together chefs, artists, scientists and philosophers, the "Cuisine en Friche" festival is a resolutely friendly culinary stroll, committed to throwing bridges between art and cookery in every shape and form. From the product to the plate and the plate to the stage, the festival features tasting itineraries, edible works, travelling restaurants and banquets – a feast indeed!