Carrières Perasso

The "Carrière de Saint-Tronc" quarry (Marseille, 10th arrondissement) was exploited from 1840 onwards. It was bought up by Joseph Perasso in the Thirties and went on to become a family venture run by several generations of the family until 1980, when it was sold to "Colas Midi Méditerranée".

The Perasso firm rocketed to success from the middle of the century, due to high demand and virtually non-existent competition. The Perasso facilities were at the origin of buildings now forming part of the Marseille's architectural heritage, such as the monumental staircase leading up to Gare Saint Charles.

Thanks to cash inputs from Colas, Perasso was able to modernize its production tools and invest in a manufacturing unit for pre-cast concrete blocks. It is now a high-performance company operating on a regional level.