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The town is enclosed on the west by calanques and cliffs; on the east, however, there are long beaches along the Golfe d’Amour ("Gulf of Love"). La Ciotat, known since ancient times as an outpost of Marseille under the name of Citharista, has always has always had activities closely linked to the sea, such as its large shipyards. Affected by economic depression for some years, it will have to undergo some changes in order to adapt.

La Ciotat also has fine 17th century houses situated around the harbour, and two chapels - Penitents Noirs (Black Penitents) and Penitents Bleus (Blue Penitents), also dating from the 17th century.
The fine pink baroque front of the church of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption (17th century) faces the sea.
A commemorative plaque in the train station and a memorial near Grande Plage (Large Beach) recall that it was in La Ciotat that the Lumière brothers shot their first film: "The arrival of the train in La Ciotat station".
You should take time to visit the beautiful calanques of Figuerolles and Le Mugel. The latter is in the shade of the Bec de l’Aigle (Eagle’s Beak) rock, in Mugel Gardens, a conservation area where abundant varied vegetation - oak, mimosa, arbutus, pine, aromatic plants, etc. - grows on a "pudding-stone" soil (a reddish conglomerate of shingle and sand). A signposted trail through the identified plants and trees enhances the walk.
There is a lovely view of the town and surroundings from the top of "Eagle’s Beak" (155 m).
The Route des Crêtes (Crests Road) between La Ciotat and Cassis reaches a signal station from where the view plunges down to La Ciotat and the shipyards, Bec de l’Aigle, the Embiez islands and Sicié Cape.
Ile Verte (Green Island), a quarter of an hour away by boat, is covered with abundant vegetation. It has a magnificent view of the strange shape of Bec de l’Aigle, the calanques and the town.

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