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Gardanne - Tourist office

Gardanne, the capital of the Provence Coal Basin, built on the South/South-West slope of Cativel Hill, is dominated by the old centre with a sturdy bell-tower towering above it. This hill-top site painted several times by Cézanne probably marks the location of the “Castrum”, which was the original settlement in the 11th century. At the end of the 19th century, two industries were introduced in the area: the Pechiney plant (leading European producer of industrial alumina) and the coal mine (the Yvon Morandat mine shaft, the deepest in Europe).

  • Accessible for disabled
  • Public car park
  • Tourisme Handicap : Visuel
  • Tourisme Handicap : Auditif
  • Tourisme Handicap : Moteur
  • Tourisme Handicap : Mental
  • Marque Qualité Tourisme
  • Ville fleurie : 2 fleurs

Information provided by OT Gardanne

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    31 boulevard Carnot
    13120 Gardanne

  • Phone

    • 04 42 51 02 73
  • Fax

    09 82 58 02 73

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