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At the foot of Garlaban Mountain, between Cassis and Marseille, Aubagne has retained the authentic soul of Provence. This locality, which was still only a large village not very long ago, is inextricably associated with the name of Marcel Pagnol, the author of "Manon des Sources".

Pagnol was born and raised in Aubagne. A guided tour through the narrow streets introduces the work of the writer and film-maker, before venturing into the surrounding countryside, where each stop is dedicated to one of his characters.

From La Treille, a Marseille hamlet, to the Huveaune Valley, via Château de la Buzine (Buzine Castle) to "Grosbibou’s cave", Marcel Pagnol is omnipresent. You should also visit "Le Petit Monde de Marcel Pagnol", an exhibition at the Syndicat d’Initiative (Tourist Information Bureau) presenting a whole series of santons illustrating the best-known characters of his works.
Starting from the central square with its pergolas, you can stroll around a network of pedestrian routes. After a massive programme of renovation of the old town, the historic heart of Aubagne is particularly inviting. Inside the walls of the old town, there are three interesting chapels - Penitents Noirs (Black Penitents), Penitents Gris (Grey Penitents) and Penitents Blancs (White Penitents) - as well as the Porte Gachou gate. The French Foreign Legion has set up a museum in Aubagne.

The town has developed rapidly.However, side-by-side with high-tech industries, well-known traditional craft workshops have survived, including those that have continued the production of santons for more than a century. These miniature baked clay figurines depict Nativity scenes. Made entirely of clay or dressed in fabric clothes, they are hand-made according to practices passed on from father to son, making Aubagne the capital of Provencal santons and of ceramics.

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Access to the Bouches-du-Rhône's hill chains, which are highly exposed to forest fires, is regulated according to the local weather conditions. Thanks to the mobile app 'My Provence Envie de Balade' and the special 0811 20 13 13 hotline, walkers benefit from real-time information and can set out with a peaceful mind.



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Things to do

Marcel Pagnol's House

Marcel Pagnol's House


Ce lieu de 130m² rend hommage à l'académicien. Deux espaces complémentaires sont aménagés: une reconstitution fidèle de l'appartement où est né l'écrivain ainsi qu'une salle d'exposition avec des photographies de famille, des cahiers d'écolier, des lettres manuscrites et autres…




Potier depuis plus de trente années à Aubagne, Philippe vous accueille avec Lisa dans l’atelier-boutique Barbotine à la rencontre d’un passionnant métier qui transforme l'argile de Provence… Entrez, vous serez guidés parmi des créations céramiques et vous découvrirez leurs…



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