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Time does indeed go by! The landmark establishment Etape Lani has now become "L'Etape", with the founding Lani family hanging up their chef's hats. Their successors have changed nothing of the hearty, gastronomic cuisine that made the restaurant so popular, but there is one difference: the new "Lucie" dining room featuring friendlier-priced family food.

  • Pets allowed
  • Accessible for disabled
  • Private parking, Coach park
  • Open air swimming pool
  • Wifi
  • Less than 20€
  • Logis : Table distinguée
  • Maître restaurateur
  • Tourisme Handicap : Moteur
  • Tourisme Handicap : Auditif
  • Marque Qualité Tourisme
  • Tables 13
  • Bottin Gourmand : Table à découvrir

Information provided by OT Aix en Provence

  • Contact

    Route de Gardanne
    1 rue Pierre Bellot

    13320 Bouc Bel Air

  • Phone

    • 04 42 22 61 90
  • Fax

    04 42 22 68 67

  • Website


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