Garden Cafe - counter Calendal

Arles - Cuisine de Provence

The Garden Cafe is a counter of the Calendal offering on the spot or to take light meals: bio bread sandwiches, small dishes simmered in chinaramaiah, soups, salads, while freshness, sweets, selection of teas weddings brothers, capuccino, beers etc...Pause gourmande in the salons of le Calendal or in the garden shaded the famous dwarf.Seminars, reception on reservation.

  • Accessible for disabled
  • Wifi
  • Less than 20€
  • Tourisme Handicap : Mental
  • Tourisme Handicap : Auditif
  • Tourisme Handicap : Visuel
  • Tourisme Handicap : Moteur

Information provided byOT Arles

  • Contact

    5 rue Porte de Laure
    13200 Arles

  • Phone

    • 04 90 96 11 89
  • Fax

    04 90 96 05 84

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Where to stay

Hotel SPA le Calendal

Hotel SPA le Calendal


Hotel - Spa, conveniently located in the heart of the historic centre, between the antic theatre and the amphitheatre. A charming, welcoming and comfortable hotel. Free WiFi, air conditioning.The Calendal counter: Garden Cafe offers a fast and tasty all day from 8 h to 20 h Spa facing the arenas,…



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