Digue à la mer

Saintes Maries de la Mer - Shore

Twenty 20 km long, the dyke was built in the last century to isolate the Rhone delta water inputs from sea water. The sea dyke (prohibited to motorised vehicles) provides access to 20 km of walking and cycling trails from the Gacholle car park.
Easy access to the sea from the south of the car park or 2 km after the flagship of the Comtesse lighthouse. Discover the beautiful wilderness of the sansouires and lagoons in the heart of the National Reserve. Sea birds and brackish environments can been seen: seagulls, terns, herring gulls, flamingos, ducks, herons and shoreline birds. This very fragile environment must be protected. Visitation of the dunes is strictly prohibited, even on foot!

Information provided by Bouches du Rhône Tourisme




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