Musée du Calisson - Confiserie du Roy René

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The Calisson of Aix is fully recognized as a heritage of the city of Aix-en-Provence and more generally as one of the gastronomic emblems of Provence. Boeotians or enthusiasts can continue their journey in the heart of the authentic flavors of the Calisson by visiting the magical environment of the Roy René, house soon a hundred years old.

Just 10 minutes from downtown Aix-en-Provence, surrounded by more than 2 hectares of young almond trees, stands the Confectionery Factory of Roy René, which combines tradition and modernity. Made with stone blocks from Castillon, labeled the Mediterranean Sustainable Building, it contains a state-of-the-art production area.

La Fabrique hosts the Musée du Calisson, which offers a true gourmet epic!

In this place, suspended between the past and today, one passes from one epoch to another, from one season to another, from the blossoming of the almond trees to the harvest gestures, from an old chip tool to this virtual one that allows realizing in real time a batch of real calissons!

The public follows the work of the confectioners and the stages of production of the little "hugs of Provence" and offers a total diving in this fascinating and gourmet world that is confectionery.

Round off a trip to the Calisson Museum with a bit of fresh air to uncover the history of the almond tree in Provence in 2ha of grounds open to the general public.

Jardins du Roy René is home to an almond tree orchard with 300 trees, a regional and Mediterranean plant garden and heirloom orchard protecting fifty almond trees from nineteen different Provençal species. The grounds were set up in 2016 and symbolise a commitment to revive Provence's almond tree and fuel sustainable development. The grounds showcase our region's wealth of plantlife. Whether it be flowers or trees, the idea is to itemise, collect, tend and, most importantly, protect these species. Everything is grown in line with organic farming and agroecology methods.

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