Provence's artists, on the trail of painters and filmmakers

Culture - Not to be missed

Provence is a place where art comes to life. Its landscapes and light inspired Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence, Van Gogh in Arles and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, the Lumière brothers in La Ciotat and Pagnol in Aubagne. From Cézanne's studio to the Bibemus Quarries that were so inspiring, visit sites on which the painters left an indelible impression. Van Gogh painted almost 300 works in 15 months, his most prolific period, in Arles! From museums to iconic landscapes, this 4-day tour promises a journey of Provence through film and the fine arts.

Day 1 – Aix-en-Provence on the trail of Cézanne

Start your tour by following the waymarked trail retracing the life of this native of Aix. You'll visit his studio and the Granet Museum, home to ten of his masterpieces. Then, from the Bibemus Quarries, admire the views over Sainte-Victoire, the mountain that so inspired him. After a gourmet lunch at a 'Tables 13' restaurant, continue your artistic tour of Aix at the Centre d'Art Caumont and the Fondation Vasarely. A fan of contemporary art? Then head to Gallifet Art Center and check out canvases by promising new talents.

Day 2 – Arles, Van Gogh's landscapes

Day 2 is spent in Arles where you'll follow the Van Gogh trail to (re)discover the places immortalised by the artist, such as the Quai du Rhône in The Starry Night and Pont de Langlois. Next make a detour to the Fondation Van Gogh where his contemporaries pay homage. After having a coffee at a terrace on Place du Forum, choose from a relaxed bistro or Michelin-starred restaurant for lunch. History buffs will love strolling along the roads of the Alyscamps or visiting Montmajour Abbey which the painter also immortalised.

Day 3 – St-Rémy, homage to Van Gogh

Day 3 is also dedicated to the Dutch painter, but takes you to Saint-Rémy. Begin with the guided tour 'In the steps of Van Gogh' then head to Saint-Paul-de-Mausole Monastery. This former clinic, which treated the painter in 1889-1890, features a reconstruction of his room and the Valetudo art gallery. At the Musée Estrine, visit the Van Gogh Interpretation Centre and learn more about the artist's life.

Day 4 – La Ciotat, the cradle of cinema

Begin day 4 with a stroll along the 'Grande Plage' beach. Head to the port to see the world's oldest cinema, the Eden Théâtre, before touring the town's museum. Peckish? Grab lunch at the port. In the afternoon, sail over to the Ile Verte and explore its colourful landscapes. On the way back, stop at Parc du Mugel before hitting the shops in the town centre. Watching the sun set from the beach at Figuerolles Cove makes a fitting end to such a beautiful day!

Day 5 – Aubagne, in Pagnol country

Spend your last day taking your time to see Aubagne. For instance, Marcel Pagnol's childhood home is open to the public. And visit places where the famous author and director spent his youth and set his greatest films on a guided tour in the Garlaban hills or in summer with the 'From Aubagne to La Treille' tour. And when the silver screen meets the world of miniatures, you have 'The Little World of Marcel Pagnol'. At this unique museum, relive iconic scenes from his films including the Triologie Marseillaise, Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources. Children will love it!

Can't-miss experiences

  • Visit Arles and its 100 monuments classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Venture out to Baux near Saint-Rémy to visit the Carrières de Lumière where you can see multimedia shows inspired by the greatest artists in history (Michelangelo, Klimt, Chagall and others)

We love

  • Mixing up art by the great masters with contemporary works and street art
  • Soaking up the Provence scenery through the eyes of the masters

The best time to visit

  • In March for Aubagne's international film festival
  • In April to take part in Aix-en-Provence's Easter festival
  • In May for the Printemps de l'Art Contemporain exhibition in Marseille
  • In September for the Feria du Riz festival in Arles
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    Culture, Not to be missed

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    By public transport, Personal vehicle

  • Visited cities

    Aix en Provence, Arles, Saint Rémy de Provence, Aubagne, La Ciotat

  • Ideal for

    All year round

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The 'OM'

The 'OM'


The 'OM' is more than just a symbol, it's a way of life!



Aix-en-Provence prides in concocting 'Calisson' candies made with a thin candied melon paste and ground almonds topped with royal icing. Yummy

The "Navette"

The "Navette"


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Serving tourism

Provence Tourisme est une association loi 1901. Sa mission, confiée par le Département : promouvoir le tourisme dans les Bouches-du-Rhône dans le respect de l’environnement et des habitants et garantir aux visiteurs un accueil de qualité.

The best of the destination

En accord avec les aspirations et les goûts de chacun, Provence Tourisme propose d’incontournables valeurs sûres comme des conseils pour sortir des sentiers battus, grâce à sa connaissance profonde du terrain et de par sa neutralité commerciale.