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The towns of Marignane and Martigues, situated between land and sea, sit proudly on the banks of the étang de Berre. We have all heard of Marignane airport, but we know little about the town itself, which is an interesting place to visit. The town centre is currently being renovated. Martigues, Provence’s answer to Venice, is an island criss-crossed by canals that connect it directly to the sea.
Together we will (re)discover the charms of these little-known towns.

C tout moi

54, avenue Jean Jaurès 13700 Marignane

C tout moi, a girly boutique owned by Aurélie!
"C Tout moi" is a girly boutique where you will be tempted by the latest jewellery made in Provence, such as the creations of Doriane, the Déesses aux mains nues, the Etoiles de Lili, etc. You will absolutely love the little salon-boudoir inside, where you can chat with friends and where children can play while their mothers try on jewellery. Aurélie regularly organises private themed evenings.

Office de Tourisme de Marignane

Cours Mirabeau 13700 Marignane

Visit the Tourist Office for information about tourist and cultural visits, and to buy a souvenir.
Situated on the promenade at the Cours Mirabeau, which is now pedestrianised, the Tourist Office stands alongside a magnificent trompe l'œil building, just opposite the town hall. The boutique is bursting with regional products and original, iconic souvenirs such as cicada-decorated sachets of organic lavender. The book corner is a real delight; here you will find Raimu, Mermoz, Mistral and many more.

Raimu Museum

27, cours Mirabeau 13700 Marignane

I now suggest we go and play Pagnol’s famous card game!
Let’s walk along the Cours Mirabeau to Raimu’s "house". In fact, it is not where he lived; it is a museum that has been dedicated to him. Isabelle Nohain-Raimu, the actor’s granddaughter, welcomes us in person. She has revived the memory and career of her grandfather through a private collection of numerous original documents, steeped in emotion

Le Mas Bleu

6, avenue de la Côte Bleue 13180 Gignac La Nerthe

Now let’s head off on the Provence wine trail, stopping at the Mas Bleu domain.
At the Mas Bleu, there have been five generations of olive-growers and wine-growers. In the wine cellars, Pierrette describes the wines that can be purchased on the spot, from Coteaux d'Aix PDO wines to Mediterranean PGI varieties. Certain wines are matured in oak barrels. It is surprising to learn that the Mas bleu still distils Provence grape marc in its family stills. They also produce fortified wines in cauldrons, especially le Vendémiaire, a wine that can be drunk with 13 different desserts! (Visits on request).

Aux perles de l'étang

5 cours du 4 septembre 13500 Martigues

It is now time to go and buy a delicious snack from "Aux perles de l'étang".
In Martigues, the reputation for good pastries is already established and this shop is extremely popular! Sophie and Laurence both serve the delicious pastries prepared by master baker Jean-Bernard Poitevin. They offer delicious, originally decorated, classic cakes as well as specialities created by the Poitevin, such as "la Tomette gourmande" or "Les Perles de l'étang", a recipe from the 1960s.

Le Miroir aux oiseaux

Quai Brescon 13500 Martigues

Visit the heart of Provencal Venice for a romantic moment on the Bescon quay.
Where does the poetic name “Miroir aux oiseaux”, in English the “Mirror of birds”, come from? In years gone by, the walls of the canal were covered in bushes where birds nested and whose reflection could be seen in the water. Nowadays, we can easily imagine we are in Venice with the coloured fisherman’s houses reflecting in the water. This location, which invites us to daydream, has also inspired numerous artists.

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When we talk about the South of France, what's the first thing we think of? The MEDITERRANEAN SEA! (and the sun of course – it's all part of the package).

Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne

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