Marseille Vieux-Port by Anaïs et Pedro

Shopping in the footsteps of bloggers

We are now going to take you for a look round Marseille’s mythical port and along the way you will discover some super boutiques! Text itinerary description: Whether it’s by the Quai des Belges or the Mairie, the Old Port reserves lots of surprises. Restaurants, boutiques and must-sees there is a lot to discover! Day or night, you will always find something to do. Here are a few "traditional" things to see that you will simply love!

Burger‘s Banquet

9 rue Molière, 13001 Marseille

Beginning to feel hungry?! You will enjoy Burger’s Banquet. Looking for great decor and excellent burgers? You will find them both at Burger Banquet!
In this fabulous location, reminiscent of a Californian burger joint, with wood, recycled objects and with a vintage-industrial-modern feel, a tasteful blend that makes us feel right at home. You can order a tasty burger made with fresh, local products-and they are copious! We enjoy it every time we come here; there are even a few tables outside!

La Sardine à paillettes

9 rue De la Tour, 13001 Marseille

To continue with our shopping, we are looking for a brightly coloured shop front that cannot be missed in the famous "Rue de la Mode”!
Just its name, La Sardine à Paillettes (the sequined sardine!) makes you want to visit the boutique! You will find accessories and women’s and children’s clothes here as well as jewellery, decoration and tableware. Everything has been chosen with care and the collection is gorgeous! If you have a gift to buy, or if you just simply want to spoil yourself, go on in and have a look round!

Maison Empereur

4 Rue des Récolettes, 13001 Marseille

You will find just what you have been looking for at the Maison Empereur! A hardware store established in 1827 where you are bound to find that certain something!
This is paradise! On the ground floor you will find cutlery, bakeware, then there is the kitchenware section with both traditional and new utensils. A little further there is the pastry making section, and next to it, the hardware section. Upstairs is the icing on the cake! Home decoration, things for the garden, tableware so many lovely things, you will want to buy them all!

The Ferry boat

13001 Marseille

Once you have eaten, there is no need to walk to cross the Vieux Port!
Le Ferry Boat is a small boat that crosses the Vieux Port: you can cross from the Quai de Rive Neuve, opposite the Place aux Huiles to get to Marseille’s central Town Hall, and vice versa! It is quicker than walking round by foot, it’s pleasant and furthermore it’s free!

Le Mucem

1 esplanade Du J4, 13001 Marseille

And to finish our day, we arrive in the 40,000 m2 MuCEM to discover its extraordinary architecture.
Le MuCEM is a magnificent museum designed by Rudy Ricciotti. It has both permanent and temporary exhibitions; there are some splendid views and a footbridge that leads to Fort St Jean where you will discover other exhibitions.
To continue the rest of the visit to Marseille the footbridge will take us directly to the quartier du Panier!

Anais et Pedro

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