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With its Abbey, its view over the old port and authentic food shops, the St Victor neighbourhood has always drawn the well-informed tourist. As for the locals, it seems that the new generation is becoming more and more interested in these streets that are so full of history; they are flocking here to open sophistically decorated boutiques and food shops.

Abbaye Saint Victor

Place Saint-Victor, 13007 Marseille

One of the oldest, most iconic monuments in Marseille
To understand the charm of this part of the town, a visit to this church founded in the Vth century, is a must. With its medieval military architecture, making it look more like a fortified castle, and its view over the maritime gateway into the town makes this a favourite place for both locals and tourists.

Les Savons de Saint Victor

7 place St Victor, 13007 Marseille

For a handmade souvenir with a unique perfume
In this workshop-boutique a short walk from the Abbey, you will find all you need to be able to take home the perfumes of Provence and perhaps even help make these famous, uniquely perfumed soaps — fruit blossom, flowers, aromatic plants, etc. You will find your souvenir of Marseille here!

Le Four des Navettes

136 rue Sainte, 13007 Marseille

Every self-respecting local has visited, one day or another, the Four des Navettes. For more than 200 years, the secret recipe for the Navette has been closely guarded within the walls of this institution. A visit to this shop is a must and you will leave with the delicate perfume of orange blossom on your lips.

Les Pissenlits

147 rue Sainte, 13007 Marseille

The new farm shop in Marseille.
In less than a month the farm shop “Les Pissenlits” has become a firm favourite in Marseille’s boho district. Camille and Delphine take their mission seriously by only selling locally grown fruit and vegetables (grown within a maximum of 50 kilometres). They also sell cheese and other grocery items from the region.


116 rue Sainte, 13007 Marseille

Keep an eye on this young designer from Marseille.
The young brand Cozete opened a shop at the top of the rue Sainte, a few meters from Honoré Décoration and the Four à Navettes. After two years studying law, Charlotte Bevilacqua decided to change direction and started to study fashion design and pattern making in Paris. The designer now sells her women’s casual wear collection from her workshop-boutique.

Casa Honoré / EGG Vintage

121 rue Sainte 13007 Marseille

One of the loveliest home decoration boutiques in Marseille !
After a well-deserved lunch break, we are off to la rue Sainte for a little more shopping. We will start at Honoré Décoration, a boutique selling everything you need for a beautiful home, run by Annick Lestrohan, creator of the Honoré fashion and homeware brand. Here you can find furniture, so typical of the South, made from simple, authentic materials, wood, leather, linen, rattan and china. A short time ago part of the shop was reserved to include Elsa Giribone’s vintage collection. For that guaranteed boho atmosphere!

Maison Céleste

120 bd de la Corderie, 13007 Marseille

A new decor and souvenir shop in the St Victor neighbourhood.
Are you looking for a gift with a difference? Valérie from the Maison Céleste has just the thing! From jewellery and lamps to scarves made from pre-washed linen, the boutique unites a plethora of both French and local designers to offer a selection of homeware that is guaranteed to please as well as some amusing souvenirs.

La Relève

41 rue d’Endoume, 13007 Marseille

An old bar transformed into a trendy bistro.
Walking along the rue d’Endoume, you will come to La Relève, a bar that had been abandoned until the moment a group of friends decided to buy it. From Monday to Saturday from 8am to 10pm, you can enjoy lunch or a quick snack (marinated anchovies, Botargo, game terrine, etc.) or extend the experience by tasting one of the day’s dishes (filet of sea bream, or a ham shank hot pot, etc.). Food is accompanied by organic and locally produced wines.

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Maison Honoré

131 rue d’Endoume, 13007 Marseille

The region’s starred chefs swear by this bread.
Last year, Pierre Ragot opened the Maison Honoré, his new bakery in the Endoume district. This bakery is somewhat extraordinary because you won’t find any cakes or pastries there. However, every day the baker provides crusty bread using innovative recipes and organic flour, which soon had starred chefs from the region such as Alexandre Mazzia and Lionel Lévy scrambling to place their orders.

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