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If you want to find the elegant, laid back atmosphere of Paris’s left bank, you should take the time to stroll through the "Antiquairer district", which stretches from the Préfecture (Administrative offices) to the rue Edmond Rostand and passes the rue Paradis. Tucked away from the crowds in the town’s main shopping area, you will no doubt find that perfect souvenir in the new shops and delicatessens.

Le Café de la Banque

24 bd Paul Peytral, 13006 Marseille

Lunch on the terrace of one of the best bar-restaurants in Marseille.
For the dinner break, we’ll head off towards Le Café de la Banque, it is opposite the Préfecture and a few minutes’ walk from the rue Sylvabelle. The Art-Deco decoration of this French style bar-restaurant and the handsome waiters all go to make this a real institution in the town! We always choose a spot on the terrace whether it is winter or summer.

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24 rue Sylvabelle, 13006 Marseille

A great boutique for pretty tableware and designer jewellery.
If you want to go back to the rue Edmond Rostand from the rue Paradis, you will have to pass by the rue Sylvabelle where you will find the boutique-bookshop Titre. They have a wonderful selection of tableware and designer jewellery. Accessories can be found alongside books recommended with passion by the boutique’s owner.


31 rue Sylvabelle, 13006 Marseille

To go for a beauty treatment or to find an original souvenir, we love the elegant, laid back atmosphere of this boutique.
Right opposite Titre, is another of the districts not-to-be-missed shops, here they like to mix things up: at Mademoiselle you can spoil yourself, have a manicure and also find something you like amongst Anne-Marie’s collection. You will find boho style accessories, designer jewellery, swimming costumes and much more.

Le Diable Méridien

8 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille

Run out of gift ideas? The Diable Méridien is full of finds from all over the place!
On the corner of the rue Sylvabelle and the rue Edmond Rostand you will find THE Albi Babas cave! From floor to ceiling this boutiques is full of accessories, jewellery, bags and men’s and women’s clothing. Don’t hesitate to rummage in every corner!

Studio 19

3 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille

Following in the footsteps of the districts Antique shops, Studio 19 has a good selection of old and contemporary design furniture.
Specialist of contemporary designer lamps and old furniture, Tarek Hakim has shared his style with us at Studio 19 for a number of years. This was one of the first boutiques to have breathed new life into the Antiquaire district, with its unfailing, eclectic taste. If you love European design, you must visit this shop.

Ligne 12

12 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille

A selection of modern decorative articles and furniture.
For a decorative souvenir, go to the new boutique called Ligne 12 run by two interior designers – Adeline Delesalle and Charlotte Rousset-Rouard. Between the ethnic prints, young designer furniture, silk cushions and old mirrors, you will surely find something to take home with you!

AD Interior

14 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille

Fans of second hand furniture and designers from the 50’s and 60’s will simply love this shop.
The shop next door to Ligne 12 is also a new addition to the street. Opened a short while ago by Damien, a young man passionate about furniture and Scandinavian vintage design, AD Interior is home to a refined collection of pieces by contemporary designers and finds from the 50-60’s.

La Cave du Mérou

9 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille

The perfect boutique for discovering the regions spirit and delicatessen specialities
Another surprising boutique in the Antiquaire district! La Cave du Mérou is a wine cellar that shares its space with old books. On one side there are books and on the other side spirits that have been chosen with passion. You will also be able to choose products from the delicatessen that have a distinct Mediterranean influence (saffron, olive oil, chocolate, cheese, etc.).

Black Butter

9 rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille

Marshmallows, gorgeous candles, trendy clothes, great books… THE “Life style” boutique.
We return to the rue Edmond Rostand to discover Black Butter. In her multi-store, the young Aedelaïde has a good selection of brands for men and women, decorative objects, English products, books and magazines. A real “Life style” boutique mixing brands that you wouldn’t otherwise find in Marseille with those of local designers.

Le cabanon design

32 rue Saint Jacques 13006 Marseille

Saarinen, Eames, Panton... This gallery has become a firm favourite amongst fans of vintage and well-informed decorators.
In the aptly named Antiquaire district (Antique dealer district), a visit to the gallery Le Cabanon Design is a real pleasure for collectors and second hand furniture lovers. Here you will find vintage sitting alongside well-chosen anonymous pieces.

La Nouvelle

40 bis rue saint Jacques, 13006 Marseille

Delicate and Made in France are two words that sum up this Marseille brand of lingerie.
Hidden away in the rue St Jacques, the workshop-boutique of the Marseille brand of lingerie La Nouvelle is an unavoidable visit on this itinerary. The designer Alix de Moussac presents her delicate underwear collection, home wear and swimming costumes that are all made in France.


104 rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille

We never regret an afternoon break for tea and a snack at Minoofi!
Without doubt, the best cake shop selling English specialities in Marseille. At Minoofi, you will be able to buy delicious cheesecakes, cupcakes, carrot cakes... or Frozen Yogurt in the summer. An ideal tea shop for a quick cuppa whilst shopping!

Mobile de curiosités

159 rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille

Prepare to be spoilt for choice! You will find a souvenir or gift for the whole family here!
Origami lamps, Danish tableware, masking tape, gorgeous cushions, coloured lamps, jewellery available in a wide price range. This great designer boutique is well known by the locals for buying an original gift or for spoiling themselves!

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