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It may be the oldest district in Marseille but le Panier has lost none of its charm. In fact, the area has seen a remarkable rebound since the arrival of the MuCEM and the renovation of la Joliette, without mentioning the historical monuments alongside the artists’ workshops hidden in the narrow streets.

La Compagnie Marseillaise

36 rue caisserie, 13002 Marseille

Perfumes made in Marseille
In the spring of 2013, Jean-Pierre decided to launch his range of beauty products called "La Compagnie Marseillaise". A natural, refined universe in which you will be spoilt for choice, there are candles, eaux de toilettes and room fragrances. All bearing the pretty blue logo.

Le Glacier du Roi

4 Place de Lenche, 13002 Marseille

Home-made ice cream to be eaten on the terrace in both summer and winter
On the beautiful Place de Lenche in Le Panier, tourists and locals alike take time to savour a delicious home-made ice cream that will be made in front of you! For the food lovers amongst you, the ice creams may be eaten with a waffle or a pancake covered in hot chocolate sauce!

Où est Marius

48 rue Lacydon, 13002 Marseille

A lifestyle boutique that is 100% Marseille
Since opening in 2013, this gorgeous boutique with its multi-coloured floor tiles has sold a harmonious collection of products from Marseille. Here you will find it all: from the jack for playing pétanque, Marseille soap, recipe books, homeware and even a delicatessen selling the famous Bottarga (salted, cured fish roe) or their own lemonade.

La Boutique Ephémère

20 rue du Panier, 13002 Marseille

A shop that changes with the seasons!
Opposite the Manufactures Françaises is Laure Tinel’s Boutique Ephémère, a constantly changing concept store. Laure sells her favourite items, beautiful jewellery and boho style clothing, in a poetic atmosphere.

Vieille Charité

2 rue de la Charité, 13002 Marseille

One of the town’s oldest buildings is now a museum
Built in 1640 with the pink and white stone from the La Couronne quarry (a small town north of Marseille), the Vieille Charité has its own unique character. Today, the arches are home to several different cultural structures: the Mediterranean archaeology museum, the museum of African, Oceanian, Native American and even temporary modern art exhibitions.

Backside Gallery

88 rue de l’Evêché 13002 Marseille

This street art gallery is the trendiest in Marseille.
It is not by coincidence that Tito chose le Panier in which to open his art gallery. An authentic district, typical of Marseille, this eternally young art dealer, likes to display internationally renowned artists or local rising stars in the world of street art. You will find enough here to spoil yourself with a radically urban souvenir.


21 rue des Repenties, 13002 Marseille

A concept store where you will find the Street Art gallery
A few metres from la Major, rue des Repenties, it would be impossible not to see the shop front of the concept store & art gallery Undartground. In its shop you will find the famous Méduses, designer jewellery, arty colouring books for children and a play area with lots of lego. In the art gallery you will find artists responsible for Marseilles current street art such as Difuz, Bihno, Gamo or Joke.


48, rue Saint Laurent, 13002 Marseille

A boutique for fans of "slow shopping"
A short distance from the MuCEM, we can find Laure Tinel again in her second boutique. She welcomes you into a relaxed atmosphere with a quiet corner for lounging in the sun. An ideal location to discover a fine selection from some of Marseille’s designers along with other brands picked from the four corners of the world.

Les Marseillaises

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