Marseille, fish and other delights

Wine and gastronomy

It's worth taking the time to explore Marseille if you want to get to know the local flavours and authentic products that have put the city on the foodie map. For instance, you'll get to visit the traditional Four des Navettes bakery where they make small boat-shaped biscuits, 'navettes', a local speciality. At the Old Port, wander around the stalls at the fish market before finding a table at a restaurant that has signed the 'Bouillabaisse Charter' for a fantastic culinary experience. In the afternoon, stock up on the best products the land has to offer. Bring your gourmet tour of the city to a satisfying finish at Chez AM. Simply delicious!

Four des Navettes: a traditional Marseillais treat

Le Four des Navettes Docks Village 10 place De La Joliette 13002 Marseille

To start your day off on the right foot, follow the scent of orange blossom to the Four des Navettes bakery. The traditional oven dating from 1781 is still in service and is part of the furniture in the Saint-Victor district. The biscuit is blessed during the Candlemas celebration and continues to satisfy new generations of gourmets to this day.

Alive, alive oh at the fish market!

Le Vieux Port 13001 Marseille

Next descend to Marseille's Old Port to have a wander around the fish market, one of the city's most iconic landmarks. Buy directly from the fishermen. Produce doesn't get any fresher than this! The whole place is always abuzz with customers looking for excellent quality, whether that comes in the form of beautiful red mullets or generously-sized sea breams. Open daily, weather permitting, from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Bouillabaisse, the quintessential taste of Marseille

You can't leave Marseille without trying a bowl of bouillabaisse. And for the genuine article, there's one place that stands out: Le Rhul which looks out over Marseille harbour and has been serving its bouillabaisse in two parts (the fish and soup separately) since 1948. To trust you're ordering an authentic bouillabaisse, check to see if the restaurant has signed the Bouillabaisse Charter!

Shopping 100% locally

In the afternoon, explore Marseille through its Provençal specialities! They say never go shopping hungry but that seems a shame when browsing the shops brimming with local products. Look out for La Plaine beer, local pastis, chocolates, olive oil, ice cream and pastries. End the afternoon installed comfortably on a terrace in the old Panier district to soak up the atmosphere.

A Michelin-starred dinner at AM (Alexandre Mazzia)

Restaurant AM Alexandre Mazzia 9 rue Rocca 13008 Marseille

For your epicurean day in Marseille, anyone who still has an appetite should wander through the chic quarters of the 8th arrondissement on your way to this eatery where creativity reigns supreme. Here Alexandre Mazzia has devised an authentic cuisine based on produce from the sea enhanced with Asian influences and sprinkled with colourful flowers. Bold is his middle name! Menu items include, for example, small plant-based biscuits, cod with cassava, aubergine brûlée, raspberry and harissa and more.

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Can't-miss experiences

  • Strolling along the Corniche coastal road to see the beautiful villas and the short bridge across the Vallon des Auffes
  • Watching the sun set on the horizon while exploring the calanques kayaking or paddleboarding
  • Experiencing the cultural buzz of France's second-biggest city from art festivals to exhibitions to concerts

We love

  • Tucking into Marseille's culinary standards that even the locals still enjoy today
  • Seeing fish from port to plate at the market and fine restaurants

The best time to visit

  • On sunny days to make the most of the sea air and take a trip out to the Frioul archipelago and Château d'If
  • Mid-November to late December to attend the annual santons fair dedicated to the traditional figurines (held on Place du Général de Gaulle) the first of which took place over 200 years ago!
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    Wine and gastronomy

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    All year round

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Candied Fruit

Candied Fruit

A gourmet treat…

Provence has been famed for its candied fruit from time immemorial. In the early 16th century, the region was fairly impoverished. Fruit grew here in abundance, but much of it was lost every year.

The "Navette"

The "Navette"


Celebrated at Candlemas, this traditional Provencal biscuit is also a popular sweet treat all year round



It all starts with a crushed clove...

Provencal cuisine simply wouldn't exist without garlic

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Villages of Provence


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