The Aix-en-Provence Festival is one of the cultural highlights of summer in Provence. The festivities kick off with AIX EN JUIN – the prelude to the Festival d'Aix– and continue until July 22nd. If you want to enjoy the festival to the full, the PASS offers access to all of the AIX EN JUIN public events, together with reduced rates during the Festival itself. Headlining a packed programme of exciting concerts and master classes, this is a wonderful way to get a whole new angle on Aix-en-Provence...

AIX-EN-PROVENCE – Théâtre de l’Archevêché

Théâtre de l'Archevêché Palais de l'ancien Archevêché 28 place Des Martyrs de la Résistance 13100 Aix en Provence

Start the day in Aix-en-Provence, just a step away from Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur, at Théâtre de l’Archevêché. It all began in 1948, when the Archevêché (Archbishop's Palace) was converted into a theatre. It has now become the emblem of the Festival d’Aix and venue for sumptuous concerts. With its majestic staircase, medieval vaulted ceiling and 17th-century wings, the courtyard of the ancient palace offers one of the most evocative reminders of the historic town's rich past.

AIX-EN-PROVENCE – Hôtel Maynier d’Oppède

Hôtel Maynier d'Oppède 23 rue Gaston de Saporta 13100 Aix en Provence

Set facing Théâtre de l’Archevêché lies l’Hôtel Maynier d’Oppède. It takes its name from an ancient magistrate's family. It is an intriguing sight, with its wooden door carved in the style of the first half of the reign of Louis XV. Thanks to the PASS card, you can cross the threshold to enjoy concerts and recitals by the Academy and enjoy a magical moment in the shaded courtyard...

AIX-EN-PROVENCE – Théâtre du Jeu de Paume

Théâtre du Jeu de Paume 21 rue De l'Opéra 13100 Aix en Provence

In the pretty Rue de l’Opéra, at the top of Cours Mirabeau, you will find the Théâtre du Jeu de Paume. In 1660, Louis XIV played 'paume' here – the ancestor to tennis as we know it today. In the following century, it was converted into a theatre. A genuine little architectural jewel, cosy and bedecked in red, it is one of the last example of 18th-century Italian-style halls, along with Théâtre de la Reine in Versailles. It is the perfect place to enjoy an opera and other intimate performances.

AIX EN PROVENCE – Cours Mirabeau

Le cours Mirabeau Cours Mirabeau 13100 Aix en Provence

Here you are on the world-famed Cours Mirabeau. Adorned with plane trees, dotted with fountains (one of which, set facing the bar Le Grillon, is filled with hot spring water) and lined with cafés, Cours Mirabeau is one of the town's most popular ad liveliest venues. At either end lie Fontaine de La Rotonde and the statue of Good King René. During the Festival, Cours Mirabeau is transformed into a giant, open-air stage for the free PARADE[S] concert.

AIX-EN-PROVENCE – Grand Théâtre de Provence

[Fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre] Grand Théâtre de Provence 380 avenue Max Juvénal 13100 Aix en Provence

After descending Cours Mirabeau and going past Les Allées Provençales, you will come to the foot of the Grand Théâtre de Provence. Inaugurated in July 2007 by the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, this resolutely-modern building was designed by Vittorio Gregotti. Seating 1,350 people, the Grand Théâtre de Provence welcomes operas and concerts during the Festival d’Aix, together with plays and other shows throughout the year.

AIX-EN-PROVENCE – Conservatoire Darius Milhaud – Auditorium Campra

[ Fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre ] Conservatoire Darius Milhaud - musique, danse et art dramatique 380 avenue Mozart 13100 Aix en Provence

Just next to the Grand Théâtre de Provence lies the new Conservatoire Darius Milhaud (CRR). Designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and inaugurated in 2013, the building is part of the triangle of modern architecture formed by the Grand Théâtre de Provence and Pavillon Noir cultural centres. The Conservatoire's Campra auditorium is mainly built in wood and can welcome audiences of up to 500. Boasting a packed, year-round programme, it is also a great place for discovering young musical talents.


[Fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre] 3 bis f, lieu d'arts contemporains Hôpital Montperrin 109 avenue Du Petit Barthélémy 13617 Aix en Provence

Just outside Aix-en-Provence's town centre, near the coach station, you will come to the 3bisF. Since 1983, this venue has been giving pride of place to contemporary creations in the fields of performance and visual arts. Every year, various artists and troupes are invited there as residents – a unique opportunity to meet with their public. Headlining theatre, dance, music and poetry, this is a haven for contemporary performance arts fans.

AIX-EN-PROVENCE – Théâtre du Bois de l’Aune

Théâtre du Bois de l'Aune Rotonde Bois de l'Aune Jas de Bouffan 1 bis place Victor Schloecher 13090 Aix en Provence

Let's take off to Jas de Bouffan. The Théâtre du Bois de l’Aune is dedicated to artistic mentoring and exchanges and creates ties between local inhabitants and emerging or recognized artists from here and elsewhere. An artistic workshop, performance venue and creative hub, Bois de L’Aune, located in the heart of Jas de Bouffan, is a multidisciplinary venue dedicated to every art form: theatre, circus, visual arts, dance, music, etc.

LA ROQUE D’ANTHÉRON – Abbaye de Silvacane – Abbatiale et Cloître

Abbaye de Silvacane RD 561 Avenue Silvacane 13640 La Roque d'Anthéron

Our tour ends at Abbaye de Silvacane. This magnificent Cistercian abbey founded in 1144 is open to the public all year round and hosts exhibitions, encounters, talks and concerts, in particular in partnership with the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Festival International de Piano de la Roque d’Anthéron and Festival International de Quatuors à Cordes in the Luberon. A delicious classical music experience in an exceptional setting!

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Can't-miss experiences

  • Savour a drink at the Brasserie de l’Archevêché to lap up the festival atmosphere on a shaded terrace set on a pretty, paved square

  • Stroll in the sunshine in the luscious green garden of Pavillon Vendôme while listening to some classical music in your earphones

  • Grab a last-minute discount ticket to the Festival d’Aix in July for seats remaining a few hours or days before the date

We love

  • The intimate presbytery courtyard on Place de l’Archevêché, where you can enjoy meeting with the festival artists and talks by guest speakers every evening in July at 6 p.m.

  • The preludes one hour before each opera performance, introducing you to the work and offering keys to a more active and enriching listening experience.

  • The master classes: advanced-level classes and exchanges open to the public as preambles to the evening concerts and an invitation to debate on the question of artistic creation today.

  • The people carrier bikes criss-crossing Aix-en-Provence throughout summer. You can book tickets with them too!

  • Concerts and recitals by the Academy touring the villages of the Bouches-du-Rhône area.

The best time to visit

  • June 12th to 30th for AIX EN JUIN, the prelude to the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

  • June 26th for the big free PARADE[S] concert

  • July 3rd to 22nd for the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

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    On foot, Personal vehicle

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    Aix en Provence, La Roque d'Anthéron

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