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Shopping in the footsteps of bloggers

A delightful mix of street art and designer shops, you just can’t miss a visit to the Cours Julien!
Workshops, boutiques and designer collectives blend into the arty confusion of this neighbourhood with its walls covered in street art. Drift through the Cours, discover its streets and fill yourself with Marseille culture, paintings, music and jewellery and don’t forget to stop for a snack!

The Pierre Barbizet National Conservatoire of the Region

Place Carli 13001 Marseille

Created in 1821, this conservatoire has over 70 musical and theatrical training programmes.
Situated at the bottom of the Cours when arriving from the Canebière, the Pierre Barbizet Conservatoire is a training venue and also a concert venue. There are numerous shows throughout the year along with free concerts so that symphonic music can be discovered in this exceptional setting. Formerly the towns Palais des Arts, the building is listed as a Historic monument.

Fifty Balloons

30A rue des 3 Mages 13006 Marseille

A one of a kind concept store, for fashionistas who are searching for that rare gem!
Sandrine Williams is always hunting for new trends; she opened her shop in 2008 to share her discoveries of refined, but accessible fashion. Brands such as the Swedish Hasbeen and Molly Bracken can be found amongst Sandrine’s designs along with her brand Defy Mafia. Here you will find a glorious mixture of jewellery, clothes and accessories to buy!

L’éléphant rose à pois blanc

3 rue des 3 rois 13006 Marseille

100% home-made ice creams, a retro-pop universe for a refreshing break!

You are walking into a shop dedicated to self-indulgence: ice cream made with fruit bought at the market and fresh milk, fluffy Chantilly cream, chocolate hazelnut spread to fill a pancake and lots more, perfect for recharging the batteries before continuing to shop!

Cherry Bones

28 rue Pastoret 13006 Marseille

A workshop-boutique for jewellery and other unique creations!
Are you ready to enter into a bubble of softness? Run by Sylvie Vogi, this girly setting is full of hidden treasures: poetic jewellery, small bags and other bags made from the Liberty fabric, hair accessories etc. You will no doubt fall in love with her unique creations, and they would make great gifts!

Monstro Diva

15 rue Pastoret 13006 Marseille

A real ode to fantasy and to the boho-chic trend!
Why not pop in to say Hi to Alice and discover her brand Monstro Diva after leaving Cherry Bones? You will find lively and happy designs just like their designer! Between hats and jewellery the choice is difficult; will you be able to resist the call of the Diva?

L'étrange Bestiaire de Peter S.

5 rue Bussy L’Indien 13006 Marseille

Wandering through the winding streets you will no doubt come across this shop where you can dive into the fantasy world of a group of 5 designers!
For 5 years, the Etrange Bestiaire has sold limited editions that are 100% of Marseille origin, jewellery, hats, leather bags and other decorative items, all found in this little boutique that is a cross between a workshop and grandma’s attic! Butterflies and other animal hide amongst the creations, often made in limited editions.


20 rue Bussy L’Indien 13006 Marseille

For more than 10 years, this has been THE rendez-vous for inspired designers from Marseille!
Going through Allika’s door, situated at the top of the rue Bussy L’Indien, you will find yourself in a brightly coloured universe! You will find accessories for children, bags, jewellery, clothes and ceramics, all handmade and produced in limited series. The designers take it in turn to run the shop, this is the occasion to have a chat with them and discover their universe!

Tata Zize

29 rue Bussy L’Indien 13006 Marseille

Discover the universe of Tata Zize, a real fashion institution in Marseille!
Open the door to this boutique situated at the top of rue Bussy L’Indien, before leaving the Cours Julien, and discover the creations of Freddy. A delightful blend of retro cuts and brightly coloured boho fabrics, take this opportunity of buying an original item Made in Marseille!

Le Bistro du Cours

13 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille

An old style Bistro firmly anchored in the 21st century, this Bistro will delight foodies!
Recognised by the famous Gault&Millau, Frédéric Charlet’s locavore cuisine is a subtle blend of tradition and modernity. On the menu: panisses (chickpea chips), fresh anchovies on a bed of brousse cheese and cucumber or a prime rib of Angus beef, are just some of the dishes. The midday menu at €16.50 allows you to discover this gourmet cuisine, before attacking your shopping!

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