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Ah! Cassis! Who has never heard of this seaside town so full of charm!
Admittedly Cassis is a key tourist attraction but above all it’s a picturesque village filled with the fragrances of Provence. Whether you visit in summer or winter, you always feel as though you are on holiday. It is no wonder that numerous celebrities have decided to come and live here, Cassis is a real jewel. I am going to take you on a walk that is colourful, fragranced and that has, perhaps, a gourmet treat or two!

Calanque de Port Miou

Avenue des Calanques 13260 Cassis

Are you looking for Paradise? Well here it is! The Creek at Port Miou alone is well worth the visit.
Port Miou is an anchoring point for boats and the entrance to the famous “Massif des calanques”. The beach is small, but to swim in its crystal clear waters is always an enchanting experience. It is also a great opportunity to take a trip along the cliffs and the Cassis stone quarry. Care must be taken in the summer months because of the risk of fire; sometimes it is only accessible in the morning.

Musée Municipal Méditerranéen d'Arts et traditions Populaires

Place Baragnon 13260 Cassis

The museum, in the heart of the village, has some amazing archaeological and painting collections.
There is nothing like a visit to the Mediterranean museum, a short distance from the Port, to digest your meal at leisure. The downstairs exhibition hall invites us to discover ancient Cassis, with an exhibition of the Gallo Roman remnants that have been found in the Creeks or discovered during archaeological digs. In the small hall upstairs, you can visit an exhibition of paintings by the Provencal masters. Entrance is free.

Sucr'é délices

4, rue Alexandre Gervais 13260 Cassis

How about a little snack, or should I say a gourmet treat? Let’s go and discover the Sucr'éDelices.
The shop front is a little nondescript but the window confirms that we are in the right place for a real treat. The difficult part is choosing from all the delicious looking pastries. Peach-anise, chocolate-spice tart, apple-caramel… I tried the wild strawberry and blueberry tarts, my taste buds remember them well and have left me itching to go back and buy more!

L’eau de Cassis

8 rue Saint Clair 13260 Cassis

Let’s leave the turquoise waters of the Creeks for the scented waters that are just as famous!
Let’s walk down towards the Port, to the Museum and shop called “L’Eau de Cassis” to smell the perfumes of Provence. There is a choice between numerous selections "l'Esprit du Sud", "Elixirs des calanques", "Absolu de garrigue"… but it is also fun to take part in the "olfactory sampling" workshop and to make your own perfumes with your favourite fragrances, all based on natural essences.

Le Clos Sainte Magdeleine

Avenue du Revestel 13260 Cassis

We can’t finish our trip without talking about the famous Cassis wine!
In Cassis there are lots of wineries to choose from, but I have chosen the prestigious "le Clos Sainte Magdeleine" because of its organic wine production, planted “in terraces” and with an uninterrupted view over Cap Canaille. The prices are quite high but reflect the quality of the wine. It is just a 10-minute walk from the village; you can go by car but parking can be tricky.

Port de Cassis

Port de Cassis 13 260 Cassis

The vibrant working port in Cassis is a spectacle to behold!
You can find everything at the Port in Cassis! Relish the delicious local sea food specialities in numerous restaurants, buy freshly caught fish from the fishermen’s stalls, stroll along the quays away from the Mistral wind and play French boules. The Port is like a theatre where you can watch the unremitting ballet of the boats dancing to and fro going to catch sea bream or taking people on trips to the famous Creeks.

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Serving tourism

Provence Tourisme est une association loi 1901. Sa mission, confiée par le Département : promouvoir le tourisme dans les Bouches-du-Rhône dans le respect de l’environnement et des habitants et garantir aux visiteurs un accueil de qualité.

The best of the destination

En accord avec les aspirations et les goûts de chacun, Provence Tourisme propose d’incontournables valeurs sûres comme des conseils pour sortir des sentiers battus, grâce à sa connaissance profonde du terrain et de par sa neutralité commerciale.