Ste Victoire - Vauvenargues, La Citadelle itinerary (extension to Pic des Mouches)

Walk - Toute l'année

Up, up, up to the top of the forest! This is just one of the attractions of this fabulous hike, allowing good walkers to reach Pic des Mouches - the highest point of the Massif de la Sainte-Victoire at an altitude of 1,011 metres – without excessive difficulty. Rather than heading straight up to the top, our itinerary introduces you to many of the secrets of this oh-so-famous hill range... The initial loop, before the final ascent, features ancient sheep tracks, sheep bridges, shepherd's footpaths leading to neighbouring or distant pastures, a huge farm called "La Sinne" (now an observatory for the star gazers of Aix) and an astonishing protohistoric oppidum (ancient settlement) - La Citadelle – re-used in the Middle Ages and still bearing remains of the ancient town walls and houses. This first section of the walk is situated in the heart of the forest of Puits d’Auzon, at the foot of Sainte-Victoire. All you have to do now is climb up the giant -so we'll leave you to the joys of the ascent and the silent, wide-angle panoramic views from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea that go with it...

Montagne Sainte Victoire.


Information provided by Provence Tourisme

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    Provence Tourisme

    Le Montesquieu
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    13006 Marseille

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    On foot

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  • Duration

    1 to 2hrs

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  • Slope


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    • 04 91 13 84 13
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    04 91 33 01 82

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