Circuits à la demi-journée : Marseille, Aix, Cassis, Avignon, Les Baux

Guided tour - Dates and program to be confirmed

Specializing in individual transport, Provence Tours offers, within the framework of a 'holiday' stay or a stay "business" different formulas to make you discover our region and accompany you in your travels. By small groups of 2 to 6 people, you will be supported on your place of arrival (airport, railway station, Port), stay or work, transported in a spacious vehicle and air-conditioned, and framed by a driver-guide. The circuit presented on this site are organized from Marseilles. If you are staying outside the city of Marseille, we develop the routes depending on your location. To do this, feel free to contact us.

Information provided by OT Marseille

  • Towns visited

    Aix en Provence
    Les Baux de Provence

  • Organiser

    Provence Tours

    Traverse Payan d'Augery
    13014 Marseille

  • Transport means

    By minibus

  • Duration

    1/2 day

  • Guide

    Interpreter guide

  • Tour language

    English, Spanish, French

  • Phone

    • 06 61 73 28 15
  • Website

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Marseille, fish and other delights

It's worth taking the time to explore Marseille if you want to get to know the local flavours and authentic products that have put the city on the foodie map. For instance, you'll get to visit the traditional Four des Navettes bakery where they make small boat-shaped biscuits, 'navettes', a local speciality. At the Old Port, wander around the stalls at the fish market before finding a table at a restaurant that has signed the 'Bouillabaisse Charter' for a fantastic culinary experience. In the afternoon, stock up on the best products the land has to offer. Bring your gourmet tour of the city to a satisfying finish at Chez AM. Simply delicious!

The many faces of Camargue

See the many faces of Camargue on a tour that promises a refreshing change of scenery away from the usual tourist sites! Visit the Langlois Bridge, made famous in several paintings by Van Gogh, before exploring the ecosystem in Le Vigueirat. Then make your way to the Tour Saint-Louis and onwards to Napoleon beach where you can try your hand at kite surfing. In the afternoon, head to Domaine de la Palissade, an ideal destination to observe Camargue's wildlife. La Chassagnette in Arles is our recommendation for dinner where the original menu is prepared by a top chef.

Saint Rémy and its painters

Come and spend a delightful half-day in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, a typical Provençal village in the Alpilles. Following in Van Gogh's footsteps, get to know the famous artist more intimately as you stroll around the streets and other locations he used to visit. While he only spent a year here, when he was a self-admitted patient at the Saint-Paul asylum, he left an indelible mark on the town and its history. Make time also to see the magnificent Provençal building that houses the Estrine Museum dedicated to the artist.



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