On the footsteps of Alphonse Daudet

Litterature & Poetry - Du 1er janvier au 31 décembre

During more than an hour, you will discover educational way, places that have influenced Alphonse Daudet in his works, including the letters from my mill with "Maître Cornille secret", "The goat of Monsieur Seguin".Real fun walk through which, our guide you will discover the Château de Montauban (holiday resort of the writer) and will discuss the mechanism of the mills wind. As said Alphonse Daudet, our course is "a beautiful pine wood all sparkling light tumbles before me to the bottom of the side... it is so well the corner I was looking for, a small corner fragrant and hot... and that nice things around me." so do not hesitate and come to visit this place to the soft Provençal fragrances.

Balade dans les collines sur les hauteurs du village à 500 mètres de l'office de tourisme proche de l'avenue des moulins


Information provided by OT Fontvieille

  • Organiser

    Office de Tourisme Fontvieille
  • Transport means

    On foot

  • Duration

    1 to 2hrs

  • Guide

    Erudite Guide

  • Phone

    • 04 90 54 67 49
  • Fax

    04 90 54 69 82

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