The Siesta, a national sport


Sunbathing, eating, drinking, heat and evenings with friends… Despite appearances, that's quite an exhausting programme! That's why the siesta is so important – and we know it! You're going to find out why the afternoon nap is a genuine religion here and how to do it in style.

Nap in front of the sea

Nap under flowers

These are our fave siesta spots: a hammock in a garden under a tree, under a parasol in the 'calanques' fjords, on the sofa (any sofa will do – they're always great for 'siesting' (yes, 'to siesta' is a verb here)), or on a boat (but under an awning otherwise you'll finish up like a lobster).

In any case, our region is clearly designed for chilling out. It summons relaxation and pushes us to lie down and shut our eyes. And of course, no siesta would be complete without the sound of waves and chirping cicadas, a little glass of rosé in the sunshine, seagulls, a cool breeze and a book under a mulberry tree. You just can't help being Zen in Provence!

"I've drunk my coffee and I only want one thing: have the longest siesta of the year"
- Carlos

Shhh.. we are sleeping !

Nap in the hammock

We've compiled a little playlist to help you relax and make the most of your nap:

  • Big jet plane // Angus and Julia Stone
  • I’ll be your lover too // Van Morisson
  • How come you never go there // Feist
  • Yum Yum // Cocoon
  • Walk on the wild side // Lou Reed
  • Back to the town // Mila Auguste
  • Jimmy // Moriarty
  • The story of the impossible // Peter Von Poehl
  • Neopolitan dreams // Lisa Mitchell
  • Heartbeats // José Gonzalèz

And with all that you won't be reading this article any more – you'll be sleeping!

Things to do

Farniente Plage
Cuisine de Provence

Farniente Plage

Saintes Maries de la Mer

Service de qualité, ambiance douce et conviviale, cuisine raffinée, bains de soleil les pieds dans l'eau... le Farniente, une invitation à la détente Situé en plein coeur de la camargue, sur les belles plages de sables fins, le Farniente vous propose une cuisine raffinée et un décor soigné.

Charming B&Bs in Provence

Charming B&Bs in Provence

The inhabitants of Bouches-du-Rhône will be delighted to welcome you into their home. Experience the art of Mediterranean living by staying in a B&B.

La clé des songes

La clé des songes

Bouc Bel Air

Autour de la piscine, le lit balinais, les voiles blanches et les coussins ont apprivoisé l'espace pour multiplier les instants de plaisir et vous inviter au farniente. Un spa avec bain bouillonnant au sel de la mer morte et un sauna apportent bien-être et relaxation auxquels vous ne pourrez…

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