The 'Cagole' Made in Marseille

Translation our version of the Essex girl…


Translation: Our version of the Essex girl …

The 'Cagole' is the female equivalent of the tuned, mass-produced vehicle

The Cagole kit

A touch of culture to begin. The word cagole has two origins (I don't know which is the right one but both could be):

  • It may come from the Provencal word 'cagar' which literally means to defecate, so the 'Cagole' would be a pain in the ass….
  • It may also come from the Provencal word 'cagoulo', the apron of the women who worked in the date-packing factories in the early 20th century.

Whatever the truth may be, the 'Cagole' is all about being 'too much': too much make-up, too much bling, too much voice, too much perfume, too much chest hanging out, too much jewellery, too much improbable clothing, too much drama, too much gesticulating – in short, too much of everything… The 'Cagole' speaks loudly, she is vulgar, you can see her coming a mile off, she is provocative and she manages to turn an expensive, classy object into a pig's ear (e.g. the Vuitton bag, Dior glasses, Chanel and Louboutin shoes). In fact, the 'Cagole' is someone to be reckoned with – and we adore her!



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