The 'Cagole' Made in Marseille

Translation our version of the Essex girl…



Translation: Our version of the Essex girl …

The 'Cagole' is the female equivalent of the tuned, mass-produced vehicle

The Cagole kit


A touch of culture to begin. The word cagole has two origins (I don't know which is the right one but both could be):

  • It may come from the Provencal word 'cagar' which literally means to defecate, so the 'Cagole' would be a pain in the ass….
  • It may also come from the Provencal word 'cagoulo', the apron of the women who worked in the date-packing factories in the early 20th century.

Whatever the truth may be, the 'Cagole' is all about being 'too much': too much make-up, too much bling, too much voice, too much perfume, too much chest hanging out, too much jewellery, too much improbable clothing, too much drama, too much gesticulating – in short, too much of everything… The 'Cagole' speaks loudly, she is vulgar, you can see her coming a mile off, she is provocative and she manages to turn an expensive, classy object into a pig's ear (e.g. the Vuitton bag, Dior glasses, Chanel and Louboutin shoes). In fact, the 'Cagole' is someone to be reckoned with – and we adore her!

Cagole's playlist

Cagole playlist by Anais et Pedro


But watch out! If you know any of these songs off by heart, the 'Cagole' attitude might just be creeping up on you ☺ (I know some of them off by heart…)

The 'Cagole' is a bit like a pimped-up car. As comedian Yves Pujol says: the 'Cagole' is the female equivalent of the tuned, mass-produced vehicle: a festival of colours, accessories, chrome on the ears, neck and arms, and, of course, add-ons to create a better profile, ever-wider wheels and evermore-impressive bumpers". And like custom cars, you either love her or hate her. She attracts and repels all at once. To some she has no taste, to others she is a woman who knows what she wants.
In any case, the 'Cagole' flourishes throughout Provence and Marseille just wouldn't be the same – and much less amusing - without its 'Cagoles'. There's even a special beer to honour them – so you can see just how major they really are!

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