Remise des prix du concours de crèches

Berre l'Etang - Office de Tourisme de Berre l'Etang - Christmas in Provence, Provençal Christmas - In November, December - Dates and program to be confirmed

Venez participez aux concours de crèches de la commune de Berre l'Etang.
Réservé aux résidents de Berre l'Etang.
Inscriptions à l'Office de Tourisme

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Information provided by Espace Patrimoine et Découverte de Berre l'Etang

  • Contact

    Avenue Roger Salengro
    13130 Berre l'Etang

  • Organiser

    Office de Tourisme de Berre l'Etang
  • Phone

    • 04 42 85 01 70
  • Fax

    04 42 85 07 15

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  1. Ciné 89


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  2. The Berre lagoon


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Things to do

Ciné 89

Ciné 89

Berre l'Etang

Pas de location de la salle.

The Berre lagoon

The Berre lagoon

Vitrolles, Châteauneuf les Martigues, Saint Victoret, Martigues, Marignane, Gignac la Nerthe, Istres, Rognac, Berre l'Etang, Saint Chamas, Miramas, Saint Mitre les Remparts

This lagoon covers 15,500 hectares, and its 75 km shoreline is quite charming. Surrounded by low limestone hills, it receives fresh water from the Rivers Arc and Touloubre and the canal from the EDF hydroelectric power station. It is connected to the sea by the Caronte canal and Le Rove canal.…



The Sea Urchin

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The Marseille Thriller Novel – Crime School (PART2)

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The Sun

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Serving tourism

Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme is a non-profit ‘association loi 1901’ organisation.It is entrusted by the Département (or regional council) to promote tourism in Bouches-du-Rhône while respecting the environment and local residents, and guaranteeing visitors a top-quality experience.

The best of the destination

So that everyone’s hopes and tastes are catered for, Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme promotes must-see destinations which take visitors off the beaten track, using its deep understanding of the area and its neutral role as a non-profit organisation.