Program of heritage days in Provence

The 34rd European heritage days will take place the 16th and 17th September, around the theme of «Heritage and citizenship». This is a perfect opportunity to explore the heritage of Provence… Have a look and discover the program!


On the weekend 8th and 9th September 2016, most of the monuments and cultural monuments celebrate their cultural heritage, through visits and free openings of museums, monuments, unusual places, workshops, shows, original entertainments and meetings with passionate people. From the visit of a furnace or a windmill to castles, by theater and beautiful gardens… You can wander from older vestiges to the XXIth century. Discover the Heritage day’s program in Provence, Marseille or Camargue … an event not to be missed!


-Between guided visits, concerts, exhibitions, young and public entertainments, conferences… This year, Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc, a passionate scholar, friend of Galileo, which has contributed so much to the field of science, will be highlighted.
17 & 18 September
-A contemporary dance and flute show with the Accordanse duo in the gardens of the bastide of Romégas
17 & 18th September at 4pm
-Exceptional visit behind the scene of the Theatre du Jeu de Paume, a XVIIIth Italian-style theatre
Sunday 18th September from 10am to 6pm, free or guided visits at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
-Exceptional visit of backstages of the «**Grand Théâtre de Provence**», built by the Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti.
Saturday 17th september, guided tours at 12am, 2pm and 4pm, reservation only 08.2013.2013


Guided visits of Saint-Pierre-des-Canons Abbey… Be careful, the number of places is limited, so please don’t forget to book!
17th & 18th September


Exceptional openings of the old prison, the Hotel of the Barons of Chabert (current City hall) and the church bell tower, which offers a magnificent point of view; thematic and pedestrian visits of the village and activity around the genealogy.
17th & 18th September


-Exceptional opening of the authentic Banal oven, visit and tasting… to relive a day of an old times baker !
17th & 18th September
-Conferences, exceptional opening, by appointment, of Museum of Traditional Crafts of Trenches, discovery of Chateaurenard by carriage thanks to a pedestrian route and three complete tours: The feudal castle of the counts of Provence, from the distillery to Saint-Denis Church by the old center, or, around the Saint Omer celebration and its traditional parade… Be careful the number of seats is limited!
17th & 18th September


The « Amis de Jouques » are mobilized around differents sites and offer exceptional visits of historical places in the city such as Notre Dame de la Roque and Notre Dame de Consolation chapels, the rural museum of local history, the monumental stairway of the gardens of Jouques castle. Enjoy a circuit around dry stone constructions, a walk to discover Traconnade site, from the Mere Geneviève Gallois exhibitions to Notre Dame de Fidelite Abbey, old slide presentations, visit of the Antoine Sartorio, visit of sculptor Antoine Sartorio workshop but also a guided visit of the village.
17th & 18th September

Theatre de Jeu de Paume in Aix-en-Provence

Theatre de Jeu de Paume Photo credit : JC Carbonne

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Saint-Pierre-des-Canons Abbey

Saint-Pierre-des-Canons Abbey à Aurons

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-Opening of the Heritages days with a conference followed by guided visits, concerts, workshops and shows for the entire family
17th & 18th September
-Exceptional opening of the windmill with demonstration around traditional crafts related to mill crafts.
17th & 18th September


Sports discovery of heritage! A 3rd popular march of heritage organized by the Tourist Office will allow you to discover the agricultural lands of the country around Mallemort and this will reserves lots of surprises for you… Some great moments full of human encounters!
17th September


Discovery walk in the village on the theme of «From above the water» and guided visit. In the evening, chorale concert «Eclats de Voix» of Brignoles in Sainte Croix church.
17th September at 10am and 8.30pm in front of the church


Gathering in the city-center of Orgon on the occasion of the Heritage Day.
17th September

Banal oven

Banal oven in Châteaurenard

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Maussane village

Discovery of Maussane village «From above the water»

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Invitation by professionals and heritage enthusiasts to discover the richness of monumental, immaterial and contemporary heritage around Tarascon: exhibitions, guided and lecture visits, workshop and exceptional opening of the monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Frigolet and the church bell tower which offers a fantastic view over the city of Tarascon and over the castle.
17th & 18th September


Guided visit on the theme «defensive system of the medieval city» in the castle and on «cover medieval passages or sub-houses» in the city hall, conference on «Christophe Veyrier and Italy», opening of Notre Dame de Nazareth church and castle of ramparts…
17th & 18th September


Village of Lambesc

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European heritage days around the XXIst century, «a story with a future»: free opening of Allauch Museum, of the Bernard Monge municipal library and of Notre-Dame du Château chapel.
17th & 18th September


Exceptional openings of the gardens of the villa Barthélemy, chapels of Penitent White and grey (high places of citizenship in the revolutionary age) and of the bell tower St Sauveur for an unique view on Marcel Pagnol’s city.
17th & 18th September


Free visit in the old village, from Saint-Michel Park to museums on the theme of cultural basin around Aix «All, heritage citizens», with a guest of honor, Nicolas Claude Fabri, Lord of Calas and Peiresc.
17th & 18th September

La Ciotat

Visit of the workshop of the Provençal poet Emile Ripert by Véronique Ripert, the poet granddaughter, livened up by poetic readings, from 2 pm till 6 pm by appointment and visit of the Ancient country-house Sailor, Bastide Marin, with animations.
17th & 18th September


In parallel with civil or religious architectural masterpieces, evidence of industrial and agricultural activities, parks and gardens, archeological sites, furnishings, literary, fluvial or military heritage will be featured… some colorful and festive European Heritage days !
-Exceptional opening and discovery visit behind the scene of the Theatre Joliette-Minoterie
17th & 18th September
-Exceptional open house of the oldest soap works of Marseille, set up in 1856, the Savonnerie du Fer à Cheval
17th & 18th September
-«Very Cultural» journey in the Departmental Archives of Bouches-du-Rhône, guided visits of archives and exhibition «Accordé O Jazz», presentation of original documents on the theme of citizenships and e-bike
17th & 18th September
-Discovery of the Bastide of Magalone and guided journey in the bastide through its park. For adventurers, an «enigma» visit on the «secrets of Bastide» will be organized.
17th September at 10am
-Exceptional visit of Theatre Silvain, its site and history. Sunday, a delicious retro recital will feature the operetta repertoire of René Sarvil and Vincent Scotto, for a great dive in the soft past of the finest hours in Marseille…
17th & 18th September
-Free Exhibition of MuCEM, free entry and visit of the conservation and resource center
17th & 18th September
-Free opening of the historical Astronomical Observatory of Marseille, guided visit to discover the historical telescope set up in 1854 and the great telescope of 1872, and sessions in the planetarium at a discounted rate
17th September from 2.30pm to 5.30pm

Bastide of Magalone

Bastide of Magalone in Marseille

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Savonnerie du Fer à Cheval

Marseille soap in the Savonnerie du Fer à Cheval

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A great opportunity to discover and share around the rich historical, cultural and natural heritage around Martigues, between Martégaux and visitors.
17th & 18th September


Opening of the historical museum of the city hall, from the book sale to the library, a great opportunity for literature lovers to offer a new life to the old books, discovery of the heritage of the old village with a guided tour, opening of Saint Pierre church, concert of music school teachers… all free in a warm atmosphere !…
17th September


Village of Fuveau

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Discovery of Martigues’ heritage

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City of Arles

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Departmental museum of antic Arles

Departmental museum of antic Arles in Arles

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