Good resolutions for 2017 in Provence

Happy New Year 2017! The midnight bell has tolled and the streamers have been thrown. The parties are over and it's time to start the new year - and that means it's time to make some good resolutions!


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017… Now is the time to take stock of our shortcomings and overindulgences and truly start afresh with some new year's resolutions, whether serious, funny, sensible or whacky – even if we don't usually stick to them!
In addition to those eternal worthy initiatives, such as doing more sport, travelling to distant climes, giving up smoking, taking up an extreme challenge or losing weight, here, just for you, is a cocktail of realistic, amusing and encouraging resolutions for 2016 – in short, a special "southern blend" we should all raise our glasses to! And the added advantage: there's no effort involved, only pleasure!
So relax and forget about stress… In 2017, revel in the sunshine, take a siesta, wake up your tastebuds, get back in touch with nature and head out to do some shopping. Cultivate your mind by contemplating the sea, do some gentle sport in the morning and enjoy the evenings at your own pace… Provence offers up a multitude of tempting choices for your 2017 resolutions!

‘Calanques’ of Marseille

Let’s walk and admire the beautiful landscapes of the ‘Calanques’ around Marseille

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Eat Locavore

Fresh food it is the health, to enjoy to eat healthy, meet the local and season Mediterranean cooking

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Enjoy more walks in the 'Calanques' Fjords

Get back to nature in 2017 by enjoying more walks in the Calanques, with their stunning landscapes envied all the way up to the fjords of Norway…

Take a siesta (at least) once a day

It's no secret here in Provence: there's no point wishing each other good health in 2017, all you have to do is take a good siesta every day to stay on form!

Eat locavore

Wake up your tastebuds in 2017 by sampling some delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine at one of our Tables 13 restaurants, committed to offering local, seasonal food.

The soap of Marseille

The real, the natural, the authentic household soap, ‘savon de Marseille’, a major Provencal product with lot of qualities

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The ‘Olympique of Marseille’

THE OM, the mythical team from Marseille. Attend a match in the famous Velodrome stadium between friends without forgetting your blue and white scarf!

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Shopping in Provence

The attractive shops of Provence: creators, nice brands, jewels, leather store...

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Pamper myself

Maybe you got a pretty scarf for Christmas but haven't got anything to wear it with… Go ahead and pamper yourself thanks to our fashion and shopping guide, exclusively featuring local designers and emblematic stores.

Wash myself with real 'Savon de Marseille' soap

With all that Christmas food, extra booze and New Year partying, let's face it, our skin looks a bit fatigued. And let's be honest, no cream will solve the problem. There's only one remedy: choose a healthy, natural and authentic skin product, such as Savon de Marseille.

Go and see a match with my mates

The best resolution you can possibly take in 2017 is to have fun! So why not start as you mean to go on by going to see the mythical Olympique de Marseille football team in action? Even our Parisian rivals are welcome for the duel with the PSG.

The outside Pastis ‘apero’

The pleasure of a pastis with olives in the sun

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Enjoy an aperitif more often… But always in moderation

It may seem a bit weird saying you're going to start the new year with a drink. But a sip of pastis or a glass of rosé will get you in the holiday mood all year round – not just in summer.

Cultivate myself by the sea

Of course you can cultivate yourself in 2016 by visiting some museums, but it's also good to remember that our Mediterranean seascapes are as magnificent as the exhibitions you'll see at the 'Mucem' and 'Regards de Provence' museums, or the film screenings at the Eden Theatre.

Do some gentle sport

It's a great idea to do more sport in 2017, but start off gently with a game of boules for example, an excursion in a 'Pointu' fishing boat, or an electrically-assisted bicycle ride. Yes, yes it's all sport! And don't forget, in 2017, Marseille Provence is a sport capital !

A game of ‘boules’ in Camargue

A traditional game of ‘Pétanque’ in Camargue

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The best of the destination

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