Top 10 of best coffee shops of Provence

Where to drink the best coffee in Provence?

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The coffee is a story in itself. Do you know that this little fragrant berry provides a livelihood for more than 120 million people and that more than 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day in the world?
Everyone knows that in Italy, Cafe, it's serious. To find the address that serves the best espresso in Rome, tens of tourist sites and blogs offer their top 10 of best coffees. In Provence, you can drink good coffees too. So why won’t we offer our own top 10 of best coffees in Provence where to drink your espresso? MyProvence has selected some essential addresses, and more discrete ones where you will breathe a good freshly ground coffee smell.

The top 10 of best coffee shops and tea rooms in Marseille

On the Canebiere, the famous and emblematic shop Maison Empereur sells all what you need to make a good home-made coffee. Special mention for their coffee grinder of yesteryear that make us think about our grandparents.

In Davso street, few steps from the Old-Port («Vieux-Port»), let’s do like many generations in Marseille since 1932: let’s come and drink one of the best coffees of Marseille in the Cafe Debout, at the counter or on terrace to enjoy, all year long, the sunshine of Provence.

Coogee Expresso Bar
: The essential address that we can find in every tops 10 of best coffees in Marseille. Barrista, vintage decor, many flavors of iced coffees, beautiful home pastries,… all in a friendly atmosphere.

The coogee Expresso Bar Marseille, a trendy coffee shop

Coogee exfpresso Bar: Come into here for a cup of coffee and an atmosphere as at the house

Latte Art

Latte Art

In the city-center of Marseille, 71 Rome Street («Rue de Rome»), the shop Cafes et chocolats voisins offers you several Grand Crus of chocolates and coffees. You can find them in MuCEM, the evening of the inauguration of Cafe In exhibition for a special tasting of their coffee.

Do you know the Green Bear Cofee? Three addresses on Marseille and an organic menu: salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts house and organic coffee from a coffee merchant based in Arles. A pleasant and cosy atmosphere with a Scandinavian decoration to savour a coffee with on one hand of them delicious cheesecake.

There are several Torrefaction Noailles shops in Marseille with many amazing coffees. The week-end in Marseille, let’s have a breakfast in the Coffee Noailles on the Canebière: let’s taste there an amazing espresso, a long coffee or a coffee with a dash of milk.

Torréfaction Noailles : an iconic coffee shop of Marseille

Torréfaction Noailles: an major address to come to buy and to taste its coffee

Machine to roast the coffee

The roasting of the coffee today

Few steps from the Canebiere, let’s stay in the district of Noailles and discover a new address! L’Epicerie Ideal, a friendly and colorful place to fill your cupboards with good things and taste some rare and exceptional coffees, including a locally roasted coffee.

In the district of Panier, we love the Cup of tea to drink a coffee solo accompanied by a good book: that’s great, this coffee shop is a library too. In summer, after a walk along the district, let’s enjoy a break on its fresh terrace, and in winter, let’s stay on it to escape the Mistral wind and talk with friends around a good cup of coffee or tea.

In Teavora shop, there is no counter to drink your coffee. To enter, you will have to remove your shoes. Fine sand as a floor, 3 different zen atmospheres, soft music, good coffee and a large choice of tea, welcome to the «tea hut».

Coffee shop and coffeepots

coffee and coffeepots

Drink a coffee outside at Cup of tea shop

Drink a coffee outside at Cup of tea shop

Selection of the best coffee shops and tea rooms in Aix-en-Provence

Let’s move away from the sea and let’s go to the land of Provence and its capital: Aix-en-Provence. Here, too, you can drink a good coffee. Let’s discover our great selection of coffee shops and tea rooms that we love in Aix-en-Provence for their atmosphere, decoration and hospitality.

Mana expresso is the essential address to taste an excellent coffee in Aix-en-Provence. This coffee shop offers to taste many Grand Crus of coffees but also teas and its vegan homemade cooking, all in a very «green» atmosphere. This is the good plan of «La cantine de Flo» and one of our crushes!

The nose of the barista

In Mana espresso coffee shop, the preparation of your coffee, it is also a story of nose !

A breakfast time in Mana Expresso

For an excellent one have breakfast, run to Mana Expresso to Aix-en-Provence

The 3C Café Culturel Citoyen is a quite particular coffee shop. It’s a living and convivial place for sharing and where everybody can «get hands-on». Everything is local, craft or of fair trade, and with correct prices. An alternative place to discover around a good world coffee.

In the city-center of Aix-en-Provence, on the marketplace, follow the smell of the coffee coming of the Brûlerie Richelme. For you, a very wide choice of coffees to drink there or to take away.

The 3C Café Culture Citoyen à Aix-en-Provence

The 3C Café Culture Citoyen à Aix-en-Provence

La Brûlerie Richelme

Brûlerie Richelme: the place to buy an excellent coffee

Just few steps from the Pavillon Vendôme, the Creamy Cafe offers freshly roasted and beautifully decorated coffees to put you in a good mood even if the sky is grey – fortunately this is quite rare here.

latte art at Coogee Expresseo Bar Marseille

latte art at Coogee Expresseo Bar Marseille

The best of coffee shops and tea rooms, elsewhere in the Bouches-du-Rhône

In our top of the best coffee shops and and tea rooms in Provence, we also indicate other nice and small addresses elsewhere in Provence.

In La Ciotat, don’t miss the Des cotes cafes. More a tea room than a coffee shop, it’s a quiet place with a warm atmosphere for a gourmet break after a Sunday walk in the streets of La Ciotat.

Marion's Cup of Cake in Salon de Provence offers a nice break in a very girly atmosphere and decoration. A cozy tea room where you can drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate and taste cups cakes and other delicacies.

If you spend a week-end in Arles and if you want to taste a good coffee, we hereby recommend you Les cafes de la Major. Roasted and ground in the shop, this is the address to taste the best coffee of Arles before a walk along the Rhone.

This made us want to have a coffee-break… and you already have a look on our selection, there are many others to discover in our guide of bars and coffee shops in Provence

The roaster and coffee merchant of  Cafés de la Major in arles

The roaster and coffee merchant of Cafés de la Major in arles

Des côtés café in La Ciotat

Des côtés cafés: to taste an outside coffee or shielded from the tearoom CPhoto: La Ciotadine

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