School holidays in Provence

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It’s the holidays...So quick, pick here ideas, good deals, activities, excursions for unforgettable times. Sun, nature, cities, museums, history, the sea, delicacies: they all are reasons to explore Provence and they will satisfy the curiosity of kids and teenagers, without forgetting their parents.

Hairs and feathers Easter holidays

On holiday we leave the city to see, zoo, bird park

And to children’s delight, you often encounter our furry and feathery friends in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Becoming an animal expert in the Marseille’s natural history museum or an Eco museum, enjoying a donkey-guided excursion whilst admiring sainte-Victoire, allowing urban kids to discover animals in the educational farms, admiring 700 wild animals in the beautiful Barben zoo or in a bird park. For a real holiday escape that will stay in the memories of the children and the parents, a horse riding in a ranch in Camargue is a must!

Educational farms

Children will have fun looking after the animals in the educational farms.

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Barben Zoo

The Barben zoo and its 700 wild animals also has play, shows and picnic areas, for an unusual day out.

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See the bulls and the flamingos up close and personal on a horse riding in the Camargue.

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Easter cultural holidays

We discover art on holiday...while having fun at the museum

Many museums organise children animations, fun and educational exhibitions during the holidays. Around Aix-en-Provence, why not watch a Calder move with the wind from its trolley at the Château La Coste, learn how to work colours from age 3 upwards with Vasarely or step inside the studio of a certain Paul Cézanne. In Marseille you can participate in creative workshops with artists at Fotokino, understand and have fun with art at the Préau des Accoules, to learn about art, theatre and sport to La Friche de la Belle de Mai, enjoy the children workshops and animations at the Mucem, the Regards de Provence museum or the Cantini museum.

The Château La Coste

The water drop sculpted by the American Tom Shannon is one of the numerous works housed in the art centre of the Château La Coste, at Puy-Sainte-Réparade

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The Fotokino space is simultaneously an exhibition centre, children workshop, short , a great space to explore with the family in the Marseille center.

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Easter tourist holidays

We like to play the tourists on holiday...

Maybe you are preparing a family holiday in Provence? Maybe you live in the region and you are welcoming friends or family for the Easter holidays? Anyway, a tour of the big tourist attractions in Provence is never a bad idea. Let’s get on the road to visit the region secrets between sea and land, in Port-Saint-Louis du Rhône, explore the best known sites, museums and monuments (Notre-Dame de la Garde, the Abbaye de Montmajour, the arenas in Arles…) or the most famous landscapes (the Calanques, Sainte-Victoire…).

Activity Easter holidays

On holiday, we move, we blow off steam...with the family on excursion in Provence

In Provence we have the sea, the hill paths, light from dawn till the last ray of sunshine. That means the kids are outdoors during the holidays. Discover yoga in family during a nice hike, in front of the sea of Sainte-Croix. And because it’s spring holiday, you can enjoy the parks and gardens in full bloom, or let your hair down in a treetop adventure circuit ! A few ideas for family seaside activities : Sand yachting at Saintes Maries de la Mer, snorkelling in the marine park of the Côte Bleue, kayak in the creeks, diving for teenagers in Marseille... Discover the beautiful roads of Provence with the family on trips of less than 2 hours on foot or on your bike. Think of renting your bike and why not an electric one for unusual excursions in Arles, Aix and Marseille.

The bike

Teens, parents, children: cycling is a good way to bring the whole family together on a holiday excursion

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The walks

Young and old discover the landscapes of Provence on trips of less than 2 hours

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Historic Easter holidays

Revise your history lessons on holiday...centurions, knights & 20th century

Marseille, the oldest city in France, founded 2600 years ago by the Phoceans, is a great introduction to explore the rich chronological tapestry of the history of France and Provence, direction of the Marseille's history museum. Learning can be fun : play at being a knight at the Château des Baux. And of course we will know everything about the Romans back at school after the visit of the arenas in Arles and the Arle's museum in the Antiquity.

Literary Easter holidays

We re-read the classics on holiday...Pagnol, Dumas, Daudet, Nostradamus

The favourite authors of children and their teachers often chose the Provence as a backdrop. Inspired by the accent and the scent of adventure that is omnipresent here. A few ideas for days out in the footsteps of the authors in Provence for this spring break: the museum of Tartarin in Tarascon, Nostradamus's house in Salon-de-Provence, the Alphonse Daudet museum in Fontvielle (housed in the castle of Montauban), an excursion in the hills of Garlaban so dear to Pagnol, in Aubagne, a mini cruise at the Château d’If for an encounter with the Count of Monte Cristo in Marseille.

Château des Baux

See the show at the Château des Baux, a real immersion in the time of the knights

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Arle's arenas

Visit the arenas in Arles and pretend to be a gladiator

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Taratarin museum

Meet the hero of Daudet, Taratarin de Tarascon, at home!

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Gourmet Easter holidays

On holiday we speak with our mouth full…. eating chichi fregi, Calissons or ice cream

If it’s natural, there is no reason to go without! The presence of children is always a good alibi to give in to temptation. Here are a few examples of sweet Provencal treats to be enjoyed during the Easter holidays: Enjoy a rosemary honey ice cream on the terrace of Pierre de Quillé at Miramas-le-Vieux, eat a chichi fregi doughnut opposite the port of Estaque, unwrap the traditional honey sweets of Allauch with delight and sample the best at the Four des Navettes, learn about and taste calisson d’Aix at the Maison Parli, give in to the fabulous candied fruit of the Maison Lillamand in Saint-Rémy, or finally take a break at the youth bookshop Oh ! Les Papilles d’Aix, next to the fruit and vegetable market for a brunch workshop for 3 to 6 year-olds every Saturday morning.

Traditional Easter holidays

On holiday we visit workshops...santons & soap

How does it work? Why does it smell of olives? Why does it foam? Children have endless ‘why’ that can leave parents without an answer, so it might be a good idea to go to the specialists, producers and craftsmen of Provence who also welcome you during the holidays. And to combine useful and fun we organise a children fashion designers shopping spree with the kids or the teens.

Chichis frégis

In the port of the Estaque, you can enjoy real chichis frégis in one of the kiosks

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Producers and crafstmen

The Easter holidays announce spring, it is time to start eating ice cream again to cool down

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Easter holidays in the rain

Sometimes it rains on holiday (although it is very rare in Provence), so what can we do?

Immerse ourselves in a world of colours in the artworks in the former stone quarries of Baux de Provence, the Carrières de Lumière. Go to the cinema, with a sharp children selection at the cinemas Actes Sud in Arles, Gyptis or la Buzine in Marseille.
Go to the castle, find the mysterious egg at the Château de Tarascon or the Easter eggs in the Château de la Barben.


Most of the tourist information centres of the department propose booklets with visits for young people, for interactive and fun family visits …
The Tourist office of Martigues organizes animations: a real vitamins cocktail 100 % holidays with an idea a day for child and family !
You will also find lots of useful information on and

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