Easter chocolates in Provence

Publié le 2 November 2016 Mis à jour le 7 May 2018

All you want at Easter is chocolate. Dark, white, milk, with nuts, in all shapes and sizes: this feast is a gourmet paradise. Celebrating Easter in Provence means discovering its chocolate craftsmen and their Easter eggs, Easter hens, Easter bells, bunnies, fish and all their other creations. Every year the chocolate makers compete for the best ideas to delight and amaze us.
To help you to organize an excellent Easter eggs hunt, with handmade chocolate, real chocolate far from industrial product, this is a selection of masters, chocolatiers makers and the great names in Provence and Marseille, for every budgets and styles.
Enjoy and happy Easter 2018 !

Masters confectioners in Marseille and the surrounding area

With olive oil, typical from Marseille, original, deluxe or even design…

Luscious chocolates based on olive oil : they exist and are available at l’Espérantine. L’Espérantine combines chocolate and typical Mediterranean savours to create a fine, smooth, fruity and very light taste. Discover the typical chocolate bars from Marseille at the Chocolaterie des Chartreux, the famous chocolate bars of the Chocolatière de Marseille with diverse flavours with spices or marshmallow. Rather chic ? Taste the deluxe version of a chocolate shaped like a gold bullion at Temps d’un chocolat… Rather trendy ? Enter the chocolate design and contemporary art concept store Et Moi Et Moi. Finally, next to the Lake of Berre, you will discover gourmet specialties at Les Perles de l’Etang, in Martigues.

The delicious chocolates of the chocolaterie de Puyricard

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Easter chocolates at Aix-en-Provence and in the Pays d’Aix

Creative workshops, gift boxes, traditional or candy-shaped chocolates…

If you do not know the Chocolaterie de Puyricard yet, Easter is the ideal occasion to taste their delicious handmade chocolates. Young pastry chefs can attend creative workshops to create their own chocolates!

If you like traditions and specialties, make sure you sample the savours of the Chocolaterie Duchâtel. Continue your gourmet and creative journey to the Moulin du Cacao, in Venelles. Finally, get seduced by the chocolate candy and other specialties of master chocolatier Jean-Marie Bertrand of the Chocolaterie Nostradamus, at Salon de Provence.

The artisanal chocolatiers of the Alpilles and the surrounding region

A journey of chocolates and specialties…

In Saint-Rémy de Provence you can taste the alphabet in chocolate flavours of Joël Durand, from caramel chocolate to lavender, via Guyana chocolate, a delight! While continuing your journey, enjoy the specialties of Tarascon, such as the « tartarinades » based on chocolate and praline at Morin Régis. A bit higher up, travel with the chocolates of the family house Hawecker in Chateaurenard.

The famous Easter hen made by the Chocolaterie Nostradamus in Salon de Provence

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