2016 All Saints holidays in Provence

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1, 2, 3… Let’s go, 2016 autumn holidays will take place from 19th October to 2nd November, so they won't be long now, and after this hard back-to-school season, they will be well deserved! Even if you don’t have holidays, don’t panic, the 1st November weekend and the 11st November extended weekend will allow you to enjoy, as appropriate, the fall events! Now, you are ready, our vacation planner in your hands and your head filled with good ideas! But, we want to ensure you get the maximum benefit from this sunny break, in the (almost) fresh autumn air, this is a little special All Saints holidays supplement with cultural, sporting, festive, nature or gourmet events, in Provence, Marseille or in Camargue, whether it will be a solo trip or with your family, between your friends or lovers.


Marilyn, I Wanna Be Loved By You

Treat your lover or be glamorous with your friends
Even if you don’t have holidays, enjoy November weekends, get away from it all with your lover or with your friends and see Marilyn Monroe, under the eyes of photographers. On the spot, you will enjoy a moment of relaxation or small talk in an extraordinary place, the teahouse of the Caumont art center. The exhibition presents a series of immortal photographs of the actress, the most famous photographs of her last photo session, realized one month before her death, by the photographer Bert Stern. Complex woman of a thousand faces, she alternates between playful and secrete personality, bright and absent one, but always incredibly sexy.
From 22nd October to 1st May in Caumont Art Center


The Ricard windmill opens its door!

Enjoy to go back in time…
Within a stone's throw of Marseille, here is a funny attraction to discover with your children during the All Saints holidays. Visit the Allauch windmills which stop thrashing the wheat at the dawn of the industrial era. Today, two windmills have been restored: the Camoin windmill and the Ricard windmill, the only one which still working in the Marseille region: It can mill the wheat as it did in the past. The millers will receive visitors per small group, relate the history of the mills and explain the transformation of the wind into driving force and of wheat into flour. A complete presentation (moving wings) will be possible in the case of sufficient wind.
Every Sunday and fair days


Khâemouaset, the archaeologist prince: knowledge and power at the time of Ramses II

Travel in the heart of ancient Egypt...
It’s in school program and you don’t want your children to forget everything the first day of holidays or simply you are fascinated by the old Egypt regardless of your age? So let’s lose your way in the heart of the departmental Museum of Arles during the exhibition on the prince Khâemouaset, the high priest of god Ptah in Memphis who were one of the most powerful personalities in Egypt at the time of Ramses II, the very image of the Egyptian man of power. Through this personage, you will enjoy a real trip in the heart of rich knowledge of the Egyptian elite.
From 8th October to 22nd January in the departmental Museum of ancient Arles

Exhibition Marilyn Monroe, Caumont Art Center, Aix-en-Provence

Exhibition on Marilyn Monroe in Caumont Art Center of Aix-en-Provence

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Bedarrides oil mill in Fontvielle

Bedarrides oil mill, olive oil producer in Fontvielle

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All Saints fair

Let’s trade, search and hunt treasure!
For this first holiday of November, the All Saints fair (that can be traced to the Middle Age) welcomes every year more than 350 exhibitors with local products, textiles, footwear, handicrafts, bazaar with demonstrations and animations, in a friendly and festive atmosphere.
1stNovember, from Place des Allées Marcel Jullian to rest stop


The Bedarrides Oil mill

Treat your taste buds with the famous olive oil of Provence, at the source…
The All Saints day is the beginning of «olivades», of the harvest time and the best moment to walk in the Alpilles and see the activity of mills that grind the olives and extract the best oils... The Bedarrides Oil Mill make olive oil since the late eighteenth century. The olives are harvested in the orchards of the property or provided by other close olive growers. Yummm, the smell of the olive paste fills its vaulted cellars that resonate the noise of hoppers, crushers and decanters... You can purchase olive oil directly from production. The shop also offers a wide range of olive oil based soaps and cosmetics.

La Ciotat

Holiday in Marin Bastide

Take children outside to breathe fresh air between farms, history and beautiful gardens.
The Marin Bastide invites you to visit the heritage treasures during the All Saints holiday: visit of the Bastide and Gardens, training in farm for children… Program: heritage, history and playful pedagogy.

Parade exhibition and Little crossings, MuCEM, Marseille

Discover Parade exhibition and Little crossings in MuCEM at Marseille

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Calanques Evasion in Marseille

Enjoy the last days with an offshore sea trip with Calanques Evasion

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The Fiesta des Suds and the Fiesta des Minots

For adults as well as children: let’s dance, party and laugh!
Warning! Stand by for immediate boarding to joy! This year, the Fiesta occurs during holidays, so let’s go and enjoy! During your stay in Provence, do not miss this party, with your family, your children, your friends and even the little ones! The Fiesta des Suds celebrates its 25th edition with an outstanding festive odyssey, faithful to its great tradition, which blends every culture of the world and all generations. From the “Dock des Suds”, the Fiesta cultivates its taste for travels and offers an exciting escapade to the open sea, driven by famous musical captains, iconic artists and by new sound explorers. An artistically designed team for great overseas trips.
From 19th to 22nd October, in the «Dock des Suds»

And to make children happy, the “Fiesta des Suds” invites kids to a fully child-friendly day!
19th October, at 2pm, in the «Dock des Suds»

Café In at MuCEM

Let’s rush and see the new exhibit in MuCEM, around a subject which unites…
Tired from back-to-school season and let’s have a little coffee… Café In has more than three hundreds works of art, photographs, objects, prints, drawings, rare materials and more… which illustrated the coffee history all over the world. You will be invited to discover a events programming in the MuCEM and in the city: a «coffee folk high school» in the museum and 10 coffee shops in Marseille, a great photographic exhibit on the dock of the Port and in the partner coffee shops, culinary creations «Café Off» at merchants in Marseille Centre and restaurant managers of Tables 13, an exhibit in the «Palais de la Bourse», activities for children and families in MuCEM. So even if the coffee is not for kids, they won’t get bored!
From 26th October to 23rd January

The dream in the Cantini Museum

Let’s escape and dream in the hands of Dali, Picasso, Matisse…
Don’t you have ever been intrigued by your dreams, their meanings? Over the course of history, different areas of knowledge have been interested in the mysterious phenomenon of the dream and tried to understand its secrets, to discover its hidden meaning or function. The exhibition presents a hundred works of the twentieth century greatest artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Max Ernst, or Victor Brauner. Visits with commentaries of Oliver Ponson are available, the 26th October but you can also take your time, and visit and explore the exhibit while our children will attend visits and workshops for All Saints Day the 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th October and 2nd November at 3.30 pm.
From 17th September to 22nd January

Parade & Small sailing in the MuCEM

Let’s take the captain’s hat and explore the boats of our Mediterranean sea!
Hear ye, hear ye sailor, port side, starboard side, here are many fascinating things for all the family! For those who haven’t seen this amazing exhibition yet, take advantage of your holiday and go there because it will last the 24th October! Three-masted, «galiotes», bricks, «tartanes», cargo ships, ocean liners, tankers… The MuCEM wanted to highlight all these boats that sailed in our memories during the Parade exhibition. And to treat your children, the MuCEM offers child-friendly program, just for them, Petites Traversées, linked to Parade, between boats papers, dream trips, sailors and puppets…
Small crossings, from 20th to 24th October
Parade, from 29th June to 24th October

“Calanques Evasion”

Hurry, hurry, enjoy your last days of holiday and discover the creeks!
No, sunny days are not over. Here, there is no special season to enjoy all activities offered by our Mediterranean sea. The autumn is not cold. You can enjoy your last days of holidays with Calanques Evasion which offers sea kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling and coastering, and discover the flora and the fauna of Frioul. The activity center is located in the port of Frioul but the participants can be dealt in the Old Port («Vieux Ports») depending on their number and on the weather.
Until the end of holidays!

Child-friendly events calendar for All Saint Holidays 2016

Follow the agenda for children during the All Saints holidays, follow the child-friendly events calendar: shows, workshops, activities…

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«Fiesta des Suds» and «Fiesta des Minots», «Dock des Suds», Marseille

The «Fiesta des Suds» and the «Fiesta des Minots», from 19th to 22nd October in the «Dock des Suds» in Marseille

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The Dream Exhibition, The Cantini Museum, Marseille

Discover «The Dream» exhibition in The Cantini Museum in Marseille

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Autumn holiday at the castle

Let’s discover the secrets of a castle with your family
Children love stories of knights, kings and princess. Adults love to discover the history, especially during All Saints holiday and 1st November week-end. That’s why the castle of Tarascon offers a funny and original discovery with a snack-visit, around the secrets of the fortress of the ducks of Anjou, the Sunday 23th October at 2pm, and an unusual visit where you will have to decipher the graffiti written on the wall of the fortress, to go back in time, across the centuries, le Wednesday 26th October at 3pm… The kids will finally enjoy heritage creative workshops in the heart of the castle, between enigma and stories.
From 19th October to 2nd November in the Castle of Tarascon – Rene d’Anjou Art Center


15th rally of the wines of Sainte Victoire

For olders (and why not with youngers!), let’s run, meet challenges and enigma around an exceptional wine!
The wine forgathers, makes people singing, being happy but, most of all, it’s excellent (if drunk in moderation), so let’s rush to Trets for an exceptional rally around the wine! Be careful, the rewards are only for adults! A funny day between friends or with your family to discover the secrets of an exceptional terroir. In a car or with your team, you will do a tour through cellars and wine estates of the prestigious Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire, meet the winemakers, the local producers, the guides and discover initiatory workshops. Challenges and enigma will decide between the teams until the award ceremony. A cocktail buffet will end this event and a bottle of wine will be offered to each adult participant. Many prices to be won. Be careful, seating is limited, pre-inscriptions recommended.
22nd October

Tarascon Castle

Discover the secrets of Tarascon Castle

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Rally around the wines of the Sainte Victoire, Trets

Participate in Rally around the wines of the Sainte Victoire, 22nd October in Trets

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Focus: Where to celebrate Halloween in Provence?

Let us not forget that Halloween will fall during All Saints holiday and 1st November week-end! No need to believe in ghosts and zombies to celebrate it. A diverse selection of events for Halloween will be offered. You can come dressed up, with or without candies, with your kids and their witch's hat, to danse, laugh, party… but also scare!


Halloween musical party to have fun with the group «Louise & the Po'boys».
29th October, 8 may 1945 street


Halloween party in Magic, with dance and dressed-up evening, eighties’ and nineties’ music, guided by the musical know-how of DJ Bob! Don’t forget your most beautiful and more horrible trappings... A best costume contest will be held at 7.30 pm! Happy pumpkins day!
31st October, 8.30pm, Champollion Place

La Barben

Warning! Spectacular evenings where everyone will shiver of fear or of pleasure! An evening for both adults, family and friends with an exceptional decoration and many sites opened: castle, underpass and jails, stables, ruins, old wheat granaries, underground rooms and French garden. Join original activities: waders, hidden giant bats, makeup stands, games, candies, chocolates and hot wines offered, exhibition, fire-breathers show, jugglers, costume contests, boisterous dance... To be missed under no pretext!
Halloween nights at the castle of Barben
28th, 29th, 30th and 31st October in the Castle of Barben


Join the Witches fest with animations for children and free activities: makeup, tale, drawing and coloring workshops, costume parade, show and ball, and snack at the end of the evening. Of course, the kids will come with their most beautiful costumes, and… if possible… adults too!
29th October at 2pm, George Brassens Hall


«Tchatche and Roll» Concert for teens & Halloween night
29th October at 5pm, «Quai des Anglais»

Squash Party in Rognes

It's Halloween in November, so let’s celebrate the squash in Rognes!
Halloween without a pumpkin, it's not Halloween! The holidays are over but week-end still available to discover the Squash Fest at Rognes: the most colorful stands of the year. Let’s come and discover the gastronomic specialties of Rognes, buy all kinds of squash and cucurbits to decorate and embellish your dishes. Do not miss the most important event of the day: the 5th edition of the Squash trail! A hiking trail, part of the system «walk for all» («marche pour tous»), free style, no departure time, alone, with family, with friends…. but from 11 to 13 km to walk! No age limit but children must be accompanied.
6th November in the streets of Rognes

Halloween at the castle in Provence

Do you prefer Halloween at the castle?

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Halloween in the dark streets of Provence

Do you prefer Halloween in the dark streets of Provence?

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Halloween in the forest of Provence

Do you prefer Halloween in the parks, gardens or forest of Provence?

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Events calendar for kids

Treat the children and reward them for this first month of school, follow our events calendar for children: shows, concerts, festivals, workshops…

All the autumn events agenda

Find all the news, events, gatherings, demonstrations, exhibitions, festivals, markets, flea markets… In short, all events for an autumn holiday full of festivities!

Scolar Holiday’s guide

And for those who have not seen it yet, here is a precious guide, full of good ideas for holidays with your family, your friends, solo, from culture mode to nature mode!

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